Trust the Process, Going from Dark to Light Ain’t Easy

Weekly, almost daily, we get a client wanting to transition from dark brown or black to blonde. While we would LOVE to be able to perform this miracle in a single two hour appointment, the reality is that it is just not possible. Here is what we have to take into consideration to get you from Esmerelda to Elsa.

There are three main factors: History, Health & Budget

1. Hair History

Virgin? Box dyed? Black? Depending on the length of your hair you should divulge EVERY color or highlight your hair has seen even as far back as 5 years. This plays a major role in how fast and safely we can get you to where you want to be.


2. Hair Health

Maintaining the health and integrity of their hair is the most important reason for us taking our time, especially when it comes to color corrections. “Slow and steady wins the race” holds true. Depending on the strength of your hair, it can only handle so much in a short amount of time, so the time in between appointments allows the hair to rest and restore back to its strength with proper at-home and/or in salon conditioning and strengthening treatments.


3. Beauty Budget

In order to get you to where you want to be it is not only going to take time and patience, but it will can a financial investment. Not only for your lightening appointments, you may also need additional appointments for toning and treatments, but you should also plan on making an investment in the proper products to care for your hair at home as stated above. 


Here are some visual references, please call with any questions or to book an appointment! 207-251-4688


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