Sandalore = Less Hair Loss!?

We recently stumbled across this article which gives hope to those with thinning and balding hair. Studies have recently been done which finds that sandalore, an artificial fragrance mimicking sandalwood, not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates new growth. These trials so far have only been done on cadaver scalp in laboratories, however, scientists say that they are not far from being tested on humans. “To achieve these results, the scientists tapped into an ancient chemical pathway found in hair follicles that allowed them to both slow down the death of these precious structures and promote their growth. They found that by applying their synthetic sandalwood odorant to scalp tissue they could both increase hair growth and decrease cell death. This was enough to generate the “substantial, clinically relevant functional hair growth effects” , as documented in their Nature Communications paper.”

Another article found that even skin will heal itself by “smelling” this scent. “They found that Sandalore—a synthetic sandalwood oil used in aromatherapy, perfumes and skin care products—bound to an olfactory receptor in skin called OR2AT4. Rather than sending a message to the brain, as nose receptors do, the receptor triggered cells to divide and migrate, important processes in repairing damaged skin.” 

Science is amazing! We can only imagine what would happen if sandalore was used in conjunction with Aveda’s Invati Shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment! Exfoliation + conditioning + stimulation = success.


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