NEW! Tiered Pricing

We love making our guests happy which is one reason why we have implemented a new option, tiered pricing. We have a range of talented stylists at Naviina Salon & Day Spa, some who have been with us since the beginning (10 years in May!!), a few joined us just a few months ago, and many in between. For the past few years we have had three levels of stylist available, New Talent, Stylist, and Senior Stylist. While this has been successful, we have found a new strategy which we believe better reflects the varying skill and experience levels of our staff. We now have 5 tiers (levels 1, 2, 3, 4, +5) which are based on four main factors. First is reputation which includes the number of new referrals and guest retention. Next is education, we expect our stylists to attend at least two classes per year, however more are strongly encouraged. Experience is important as well, this is how long the stylist has been working in the industry. And finally demand, this is the stylist’s rebooking rate and the number of weeks that they have been meeting their goals. We are so excited to have started this new system as it allows you a broad range of experience and skill sets to choose from, and of course you can choose to fit your budget. You may notice an increase on some of your services as some of our staff have been promoted to a higher tier. 

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