Meredith + Adam

Once in a while we are made to sweat in this business. Such was the case with the wedding of Meredith and Adam at the Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, Maine. When we arrived at the cottage to get the bride and bridesmaids ready in June of 2018 we were greeted warmly by these New Jersey natives. What a beautiful bunch of women, truly down to earth and everyone was so thankful to be there and happy to celebrate the wedding of their friend and family members. Fast forward to about an hour later… the bride informs everyone that she was bitten by something the night before and now has a patch of red on her leg that is steadily growing and warm to the touch. Then one of the bridesmaids calls her to tell her that her son got a splinter the night prior and is at the ER with a blood infection!  We tell the bride to go join her friend at the ER and we will get her ready there if need be. Luckily, everyone came out healthy and happy and we didn’t have to do hair or makeup in the emergency room….. Phew! Sharyn Peavy captured these beautiful shots of their wedding day, enjoy! 


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