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It’s that time of year again, the holidays are rolling through quickly and it’s time to start planning those New Year’s resolutions for 2019!


Why not start with a place you already know and love? We’re thinking New Year, New Lashes.

Just in case you don’t know our wonderful esthetician Abby, we’d love to introduce you to her. She just joined our lashing team!!!

As of December 1st , Abby will be performing Lash Extensions here at Naviina. We now will be incorporating a tiered pricing with our lash stylists, just like your favorite hair stylists in the salon!

Kendra will still be doing lashes here with us as a senior lash stylist. If you didn’t know already, Kendra has 3 years of experience with lash extensions. She has advanced certifications with Xtreme Lashes and had the opportunity to go to Utah for a week to train with Bella lashes to be a certified instructor. Her new pricing will be as follows:

Full Set Lash Extensions: $210 (2-2 ½ hours)*

60 Minute Fill: $80 (recommended for 2-week fills)*

90 Minute Fill: $100 (recommended for 3-week fills)*


Abby is also certified through Bella Lashes. Her pricing will be as follows:

Full Set Lash Extensions: $135 (3 hours)*

2-3 Week Fill: $55 (1 ½ hours)*


*Makeup free eyes means more time for lashes! To avoid a cleansing fee, please arrive with no makeup on.


For those of you that have seen Kendra in the past, you know that we were using Xtreme Lash adhesive. We are happy to announce we have switched over to using Bella Lash adhesive and have seen such an amazing result, with longer lasting extensions.


Give us a call if you are interested in your New Year, New Lashes! 207-251-4688




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