How To Do Your Own Do

AA15100020522140_largeDay in and day out, when we are finished styling our guest’s hair, they comment about how much they LOVE the way it looks but that they cannot achieve the same results at home. While we give them tips to try and help them there is still a bit of hesitation, so today we are hoping to give you some much heeded advice to help you and yours to achieve the styles you want! Don’t be intimidated ladies, just read and try!

Let’s begin…

1. First, are you starting to style with soaking wet tresses, straight out of the shower? This is probably the number one cause of frustration! If you are trying to  round-brush locks that are freshly washed you are expending waaaay too much energy. Wrap your hair in a nice terrycloth towel if you have thick hair, or just let it air dry for a bit if you have fine hair and don’t do a thing until your hair is at least 60% dry. Then, start by rough blow-drying (at the root first ladies!) with your hands and then switch to a brush when you are at least 80% dry.

2. Sectioning is KEY, especially if you have a ton of hair. After you have dried your hair to about 80% and are ready to round-brush, you need to section! A good base to start with is a section no wider than the widest part of the brush you are using.  Also, section out a mo-hawk on the top for ultimate volume.  Start at the nape of your neck and work your way up so that the last section you dry is the top of your head. Begin blow drying at the root and bring the brush down, make an upward motion if you want more volume, keep going back up to the root and back down, and don’t try to wrap the ends until they are almost completely dry.

3. How are you applying your product? The most important thing to remember is to use salon products sparingly! Most salon products are super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  If you are using products for volume, start from the root and work your way down. Conversely, if you are using a smoothing product, start at the ends and work your way up, avoiding the root area.

4. Protect your hair as well, uber important! Heat is damaging so use a good heat protectant, like Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control.  If you like to use hairspray, again go lightly and layer if you need more, also hold the bottle a good 8-10 inches away to create a veil of spray, no one wants stiff 80’s hair anymore, right?

4. Last but not least lets discuss brushing and setting.  Size matters ladies,  if you have short hair (chin-length or above) use a 1″- 1.5″ brush. Medium length (chin to collarbone) use a 1.5″- 3″. Long hair (collarbone and longer) use up to a 5″ brush. Also keep in mind what your desire for a finished look within those specs, to create more smoothness use a brush that is larger and if you want more wave use a smaller brush.  Don’t forget to set! When a section you are working on is completely dry, wrap it in the brush one last time, give it a little blast of warm air and either just let it set for a minute before removing the brush or if your dryer has one, blast it with the cool setting for a few seconds.

We could go on and on but just implementing these tips should improve your styling and time tremendously! Also, check out Aveda’s YouTube channel for great how to video’s!


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