How to Care for Your Little Girls Hair

Yes, they are sugar and spice and everything nice, but for those of us with little girls, it can be a constant struggle to keep their hair tangle free and looking nice. Here are some tips for taming their tresses and some easy styling ideas.

  1. Style their hair everyday. The more you do their hair, the more they will come to expect it and the less of a fight you will have over time. They may even start asking for extras like braids eventually.
  2. Always start by detangling first with a brush or comb. Start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp when detangling, and start with the hair at the nape of the neck and move up to the forehead. If you try to do ponies with bed head there will be trouble, and it will be harder to comb out at the end of the day.
  3. Make sure you are brushing or combing out her hair at least twice a day. Morning and night for a normal day, more often if they go swimming or do anything to make a major tangled mess.
  4. Use a leave in conditioning spray either along with or instead of a daily conditioner (if their hair is fine only use one or the other). They not only add extra moisture but are great for detangling.
  5. Style their hair when its wet. Either right when they get out of the tub or spray in water the next day, it will looked slicked back at first but when it dries it will soften and keep the flyaways at bay. 
  6. Avoid bangs, sure they may look cute at first, but toddlers especially will constantly have their hands in them leaving them full of who know what and looking disheveled. Not to mention the constant trims she will need. Do yourself a favor and just don’t go there, at all. Use small clips or headbands to keep the whispys out of her eyes as her baby hair grows out instead. 
  7. Use the cheap little throw away elastics for fine hair. If you try using a coated elastic on your wee ones hair it will just constantly slip out. At the end of the day you can just snip the elastic with a small pair of scissors to remove it, pull a piece out to avoid cutting her hair along with it.
  8. Watch tutorials, if you want to try something new there are tutorials on you tube for literally every hairstyle out there. 
  9. Practice, practice, practice. You will getter better and faster the more you try. If you have free time on the weekend spend 30 minutes (or longer if they will let you) on practicing hairdos, look a pictures and videos together and try to recreate the styles. 
  10. Use the right tools; a wide tooth comb, wet brush, tail comb, boar bristle brush and a spray bottle are great to have in your arsenal.
  11. Make it fun by including them in the process! Ask them if they have any ideas or let them pick out accessories the next time you are shopping together. The more control they think they have the easier you’ll find it is.



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