Holiday Hair 2018


The holidays will soon be upon us which means parties galore and reunions with friends and family that we may have not seen in a while. We all want to look our best, with ease. Here are a few simple styles that anyone can do using just a few tools and not requiring a lot of time (because who has that!?).

To start, always use a heat protectant, not only for use with curling or flat irons, but also with your blow dryers! Super important!!

Second, if you are going to use any type of iron or want,  have dry hair. Also, make sure you are sectioning your hair off, so that you are not applying heat to the same pieces of hair over and over again.

The correct products are key as well. Along with a heat protectant, invest in a good working spray and finishing spray. You want your style to last as long as possible and the right products will give you extra insurance that that will happen. 


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