Hair and Face Prep for the Bridal Party

Wedding hair and makeup are our specialty and we often get asked how the bridal party should have their hair before we arrive. Freshly washed? A few days post shampoo? Wet? Dry? Here is a rundown of what we prefer for the day of the i do’s. 

Q: Should I was my hair the day of the wedding or a few days prior?

We prefer hair to be (mostly) clean. Try and wash your hair either the night or morning before your appointment. We don’t want to have to fight with the products you’ve been layering on for a few days, it can make for a frizzy mess. A bit of light mousse or hairspray is totally fine. We can make your hair “dirty” with our products.

Q: Should my hair be wet or dry?

It depends. If you are having a traditional updo or curled style then dry is always best (additional charges may apply if we have to take the time to dry it beforehand). If you are having a blowout at the salon we will wash it for you, however if we are working onsite we will need you to wash it yourself and arrive with it wet. If you do apply product before or after blowdrying, please use only a light mousse or hairspray. Do not using anything stiff or greasy.

Q: How should I care for my hair in the months before my wedding?

We always recommend keeping your hair its healthiest, that means regular trims and deep conditioning at least once a week.

Q: How long before the big day should I have my hair colored.

Hair grows on average about a half-inch a month, to look the freshest please have your color or highlights retouched no longer than 2 weeks before. 

Q: How should I prepare my face for makeup?

A clean face is preferred and will hold makeup the best. We have all of the product we need to prep for and finish your look. You will only need lipstick to retouch with throughout the day or evening which can be brought by you or purchased from our salon (if we are working on location we will not have retail colors available so please purchase during your trial). 



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