Direct Dye FYI


We have been loving all of the requests lately for fun, funky, fresh colors! There are however, major differences between coming in for your standard level 5 medium brown and wanting a rainbow mane.  So, to help you out if you are thinking about trying the latest hue, here are some helpful facts you need to know before you commit:

1. It can take HOURS!

Hair needs to be pre-lightened in order to accept the direct dyes. How light depends on the target color or level you are going for. Sometimes this can be done in one session, sometimes it takes multiple sessions. Other time factors to consider are whether you are just doing a peek-a-boo peice, an ombre, or an all over mane of strawberry red. Your preexisting level and hair density play a part as well. Someone with black hair wanting a pastel blue is going to take a lot longer than dirty blonde to get where you need to be, etc, etc…  And after, the hair is lightened, it has to be completely dried before the direct dye is applied, it is a process, bring a book, and a snack.

2. Direct Dyes Fade Fast

With colored hair, many people don’t realize how much maintenance it takes to keep it looking vibrant. Vibrant colors tend to fade very fast…usually after a few shampoos. To keep them looking vibrant, you need to redo it about every 2 weeks. More often if you like it super bright and vibrant. It evolves into a pastel tones as you wash so it’s also fun to see the quick changes. There are certain things you can do to prolong your color such as trying to wash with cold water, using sulfate free shampoo, keeping your hair protected from heat and sun, and/or using a color depositing shampoo & conditioner. However, even using these methods there is no guarantee that your color will be as fresh as it was on day 20 as it was on day 1.

3. There will be some amount of damage to your hair

Since it is necessary to pre-lighten to get vibrant color (unless of course your are naturally very blonde) there will be some stress to the hair shaft resulting in at least a small amount of damage. Again, this all depends on what you came in with; if your hair was already processed or are going from really dark to light you will get more damage than someone who has virgin hair and so on and so on. Make sure you start to deep condition well in advance of your first appointment to minimize this and plan on deep conditioning afterward to keep the integrity of your tresses in check.

Pastel Hair Color: The Truth Behind the Maintenance


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