Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

This bestselling leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair and also protects it from heat damage, so if you lighten your hair or love to heat-style, it’s probably a good match for you. It’s 97% naturally-derived* and includes ingredients like quinoa, macadamia and soy. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly strengthens and repairs hair to make it look and feel healthier.


Where does Daily Hair Repair fit into your hair care routine, and who is it best for? We’ll show you exactly how to use it for the best results.


When to use:
Use it right out of the shower on towel-dried hair. Daily Hair Repair works best if you use it before your styling products. We like to apply it before combing wet hair to provide some protection from breakage.


How to use:
Apply a small amount to the palm of your hands and work it through hair, starting at the ends where your hair needs the product most. The hair closest to your scalp tends to be the healthiest and the ends the most damaged, but if you feel you need care all the way through your hair, feel free to run it through from scalp to tip.


After using:
Once you’ve applied the leave-in to your hair, style as usual. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair pairs well with many of our styling products since it’s a leave-in treatment. Think of it like a prep product in that it’s preparing your hair for styling.


Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is good for all hair types, but especially those who are experiencing damage. If you’re in love with your blowdryer, this is a great product for you! Add it to your hair care routine today for an instant dose of health and strength.

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