Be_Curly_Co-Wash_beauty_imageI recently came across this article from Country Outfitter that sparked something. A lot of our curly haired clientele either don’t know how to care for their curls or are using the wrong products.

This is a breakdown for you along with the products we recommend for keeping your curls looking fabulous!

16 Tips For Girls With Curly Hair That Will Change Your Life:

1. Know your curl type. Different curls require different care and maintenance.

2. Treat it right. Using a weekly treatment will make all the difference in the world.

av_AJ22_254  Aveda’s Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque is a rich, intensive masque with certified organic babassu oil and shea butter.


3. Never brush it. Never, ever.

4. Use a wide-tooth comb right when you get out of the shower.

5. Don’t touch it. The less you touch it, the better it will be.

6. Throw away your towels and use a t-shirt instead.

7. Sea salt spray will be your best friend. It works!

8. A diffuser is a must. Do not attempt to dry your hair without one.

9. If you have fine, curly hair, a spray lotion or gel is best to help manage those wild curls.

av_AART_254Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Controller is the one to try which controls volume, combats frizz and lengthens even the tightest curls.

10. If your hair is coarse, start with a smoothing cream and add a light curling gel if you need additional control.

av_A0RF_254Be Curly Curl Enhancer is for intensifying curls, taming frizz and heightening shine. Wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet—then retracts when hair is dry—to lock in curls or waves.

11. Don’t always use shampoo when you “wash” it. Just use conditioner.

av_AJ20_254Or if you feel like you HAVE to shampoo try out Aveda’s New C0-Wash!

Our sulfate-free, low-lather conditioning wash with certified organic babassu oil:

  • gently cleanses your scalp
  • moisturizes curls for up to 3 days
  • reduces frizz, leaving curls soft and defined

12. Sleeping on a satin pillow will help keep frizz at bay.

13. Keep it trimmed. Split ends cause hair to appear frizzier than it actually is.

14. Don’t ever let a stylist cut your hair while it’s wet if you want to make sure you get the length you want.

15. Frizz control products really do work. Just don’t overdo them. A dime-sized amount will do!

16. It may not be convenient, but air-dry when possible!

Check out the full line of Be Curly at Naviina today!



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