They call them the dog days of summer — that stretch between late July and late August where the weather is hot, hot, hot and you’re ready for a little relief. We’re big fans of summer time, but the need to chill out on a 95 degree day (or more) is essential, so if you need a quick cooldown when the temperature skyrockets, try these go-to summer products.


Cooling Oil Balancing Oil Concentrate
Keep a rollerball of Cooling Oil with you at all times in the summer months for a quick fix of cooling aromaology wherever you may be; you can even roll it on to reduce tension. We use certified organic peppermint, blue chamomile and naturally-derived menthol to refresh your senses deliver a burst of cooling refreshment. Pro tip: Apply a little on the back of your neck or on a pressure point on a hot day to mimic the feeling of a light breeze. Ahhhhh.


A longtime Aveda favorite, Peppymint can be used as a quick breath refresher (just a few drops on your tongue will do it) or a minty mouth rinse when diluted in your water. It may be small, but its blend of cooling peppermint and anise packs a big punch.


Rosemary Mint Bath Bar
Sometimes you just want to get in the shower and scrub down from head to toe with a great bar of soap. Enter Rosemary Mint Bath Bar, which lightly exfoliates your skin as it cleanses and awakens your senses with our classic aroma of rosemary and peppermint. The Bath Bar also makes a great gift for any summer weekend host.


Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser + Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash
After a long, hot day in the sun, cleanse your hair and skin with Sun Care. The color-safe formula gently removes chlorine, salt and product residue, while tamanu oil and organic coconut oil comfort your skin. The Sun Care aroma of certified organic neroli, ylang ylang and cistu (a flowering plant) feels summery and elegant at the same time.


If you’d prefer a different aroma, try the Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash in the shower to really perk you up post-pool day … or even on a Monday morning. (It’s basically like drinking a cup of coffee in your shower.)


Rosemary Mint Body Lotion
When it’s really hot outside, the last thing you want is a heavy body lotion. Rosemary Mint Body Lotion is lightweight and invigorating to revive and refresh your skin, making it the perfect choice after hours spent in the sun.




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