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It’s time to turn up the hair conditioning — our NEW Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner is here, and it’s the perfect addition to the Cherry Almond family of softening hair and body care.


Why should you add it to your hair care routine ASAP? We’ve got 12 reasons to make Softening Leave-In Conditioner an everyday essential.


1. Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner packs 12 benefits into one leave-in conditioner. Pretty major, right?

2. If your hair is feeling dry and dehydrated, this leave-in conditioner will be your new best friend. The lightweight gel creme detangles, conditions and boosts softness for addictively soft, silky hair.

3. Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner helps protect from heat damage up to 450 degrees, making it must-have for anyone who loves to change up their look from day to day.

4. It’s 99% naturally derived* and silicone-free. (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.)

5. It contains a blend of cherry blossom and sweet almond oil to help condition and add shine for touchably soft, bouncy hair.

6. Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In is perfect for summer weather; it helps control frizz, smooths and makes your hair feel more manageable overall.

7. It infuses your hair with the iconic sweet, juicy Cherry Almond aroma, which is 100% naturally derived* and totally delicious. (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.)

8. Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled HPDE bottle. 

9. Say goodbye to static! Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner reduces static and tames flyaways.

10. Shine on. Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner adds not only softness, but shine too.

11. It’s color safe.

12. It joins the Cherry Almond family of hair and body care products meant to make you feel sweet, soft and pampered from head to toe, including Softening Shampoo and Conditioner, Hand and Body Wash and Body Lotion.


The Ultimate Guide to Diffusing Your Curly or Wavy Hair

Using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer helps reduce frizz and enhance your natural texture, and it’s one of the most popular ways to dry curly and wavy hair. However, diffusing your hair can be intimidating (and confusing!) at first. That’s where Aveda Artists Chelsey Hildebrand (@chelseycurlchronicles) and Melissa Guido (@manesbymell) come in. Both Artists have curls to die for and expertise to share. They’re sharing their best advice for diffusing with us; watch Mell’s informative and entertaining video on diffusing for even more tips and tricks.


Aveda: What it mean to diffuse your hair? How is it different from blow drying?

Chelsey:  Diffusing hair is a drying technique that uses a dryer attachment to “diffuse” the airflow; this cuts dry time, reduces frizz, adds volume, boosts your curl formation and gives longevity to your style. It allows you to dry your waves, curls and coils in a controlled environment and is more convenient than air drying.


Aveda: Which hair types respond best to diffusing?
Mell: Anyone whose hair has a wave or curl in it when their hair is soaking wet and moisturized with conditioner has the potential to have a natural textured hairstyle when styled correctly. I always say, “Where there’s frizz, there is curl,” because hair that is frizzy is actually curly/wavy hair that is parched and not properly cared for. 

Chelsey: Everyone can diffuse their hair. For example, someone with straight or loosely wavy hair could use Texture Tonic before drying for a lived-in, beachy look.


Aveda: What should you do before you start diffusing?

Mell: The key to successfully drying your hair is making sure you’re using the right products. Curls typically don’t magically dry frizz-free and flawless. Before drying, it’s important to make sure your product is worked in and all key components are met: prep, style, and finish.

For a successful diffuse, I make sure to give hold to the curls so they have the fortitude to make it through drying. My favorite combo is Be Curly Curl Enhancer as a moisturizing styler with Phomollient (for finer hair) or Confixor (for fine and medium hair) for hold. I also like Flax Seed Aloe (for coarse hair) to scrunch with, which encourages bouncy curls.

The softer the curl pattern, the more important it is to use a product designed for hold. It’s more likely to frizz apart as it isn’t twisted into a ringlet like a tighter curl.

Making sure the curls already look good and defined when they’re wet is key to seeing the same when they dry. Words to live by: “If it’s frizzy when it’s wet, it will be frizzy when it’s dry.”

Chelsey: I’ve found that waves and curls tend to need more “hold” with gels and mousses, while coily hair tends to need more moisture, like creams and oils. Textured hair in general tends to be more dry, so I like to use Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil in the hair first to let it sink into the hair strands and moisturize the hair from the inside out. Then I apply a cream, followed by a hold product. I know I’m using enough gel when I hear a squishing noise when I scrunch it into my hair.


Aveda: Great! This is very helpful. What are your best tips for diffusing?
Mell: Since everyone’s blow dryer and diffuser attachment is different, it’s important to set the right speed. The point of the diffuser is to diffuse and soften the air flow so you don’t disturb the curl pattern. If your curls are being blown away, turn the speed down. High speed and heat will get the job done faster, but some people prefer results using a cooler air setting. It’s all about personal preference, so see what works best for you and your curls.

Do NOT touch the hair during the early stages of drying! The more you touch your hair, the less defined your waves or curls will be.

Chelsey: I like to finger coil curls before diffusing to create the curl formation I want.


Aveda: How does one actually diffuse their hair? How much should you be moving around?
Mell: Start your diffuse with your head flipped upside down and hover the diffuser around your roots first, as they take the longest to dry. This will also give them more volume and curl definition.

If you want more bounce, scrunch the hair strategically with the diffuser midway through diffusing. Allow curls to fall in place over the attachment and scrunch up to your head, then hold for 30 seconds to a minute and release. This will set the curls and cause them to shrink up more if desired. If you want a more relaxed natural curl, skip this step.

To achieve movement in your roots, gently shift the position of your head from upside down to leaning one side, then the other, then leaning back and forward again. I always say, “If they dry in one position the whole way, that’s how they’ll want to stay.”

Chelsey: When you’re done with a section, be sure to turn off the diffuser before moving it. This guarantees there’s no rogue air flow that can disturb your curls.


Aveda: These are great tips. What do you do when your hair is fully dry? What if it feels crunchy?
Chelsey: If your hair feels crunchy when it’s fully dry, don’t panic! Just scrunch the crunch away. Start from the tips and move up towards the roots “pulsing” your hand to break the cast.


Diffusing the hair will soften some of the crunchy cast from your hold products, but if you wish to fluff them up a bit, I like to use a few drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil or a pea size amount of Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to smooth out the hair.

For extra humid climates and frizz prevention, finish with a small amount of anti-humidity pomade, rubbed into the hands and smoothed over curls to finish. And voila — beautiful curls and waves.

August News

Beach Love

We could just watch this video created by Nick Eaton Life in Focus Videograpy over and over again. This is the beautiful result of a collaboration with some amazing wedding vendors including Two Adventurous Souls Photography, Minka Flowers, Wheels and waves Surf,  and our sister company Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. ✌️💙🚍 The sand, the sea, breathtaking flowers, a super cute photo booth bus, gorgeous models, what more could we ask for!? Check out the photos from Two Adventurous Souls on our blog post here.

Lashes to Love

Do you desire thick, full lashes without the need for mascara or a lash curler? Lash extensions could become your new best friend! Lash extensions are not the same as false lashes. Instead of a strip of lashes that are glued temporarily to your lash line, extensions are individual lash like synthetic hairs that are glued directly onto your individual lashes. The result? Completely believable, natural looking lashes that will be the envy of everyone you know. They are completely customizable with different lengths, thicknesses and amount of curl and they can fall out with your natural lashes for a normal shed. We use Extreme Lash Extensions for the most realistic look and Bella adhesive for the best longevity.  Right now you can book a full set of extensions with our esthetician Abby for $135.00. Call now to set up an appointment 207-251-4688.

Beach Dreams

Two Adventurous Souls Photography + Minka Flowers + Life In Focus Videography + Wheels N Waves Surf + Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. + Shawna from Naviina = Beach Dreams. Nick Eaton from Life In Focus contacted us in January asking to collaborate on a styled shoot along with our sister company Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. and we are so happy with the outcome! The weather was perfect, the models were amazing, the flowers breathtaking and we even got a surfboard to borrow which brought the beach feel over the top. Two adventurous souls perfectly captured the vision in their photos, and we can’t wait to see what Nick has been working on for the video! We want to thank everyone involved, it was truly a beautiful experience. 

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A Modern Classic Has Arrived

What makes a product so great that people are still talking about it over 10 years after it was discontinued? Ask any Sap Moss fan and you’re sure to get an answer — and a very enthusiastic one at that.


The original Sap Moss line of hair care products was discontinued around ten years ago, but it was never forgotten by its legions of fans. What made it so special? It was especially popular with guests with curly, textured or dry hair, who loved the weightless hydration and the earthy, luxurious aroma. Since then, they’ve been flooding Aveda’s social channels pleading with us to bring Sap Moss back.


Well, brace yourselves for some great news: Sap Moss is back in a NEW and improved formula! We took everything fans loved about the original and made it even better for 2019. Here’s what you need to know about Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner.


What does it do? Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner quenches your hair’s thirst and reinvigorates dry, lifeless hair without weighing it down. Sap Moss increases hair’s hydration by 81%*, detangles and tames frizz. (*based on laboratory testing on tresses)


How do I know if I need to use it? If your hair feels frizzy, brittle, moderately dry or unmanageable and lacks shine, you’re a perfect candidate for Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. It delivers everyday hydration for everyone; Sap Moss works for all hair types, from straight to coily.


What’s in it? Sap Moss’s titular ingredients are — you guessed it! — larch tree sap extract and Iceland moss. A blend of sap, moss and coconut helps hydrate hair without weighing it down. Kukui and coconut help condition and mimic the performance and after-feel of silicones.


Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo is 94% naturally derived*, and Weightless Hydration Conditioner is 98% naturally derived.* (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water.)


How does it compare to Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner or Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner? Sap Moss falls right between Cherry Almond and Dry Remedy on the moisturizing scale. It’s best for all textures of hair with moderate dryness.


Does it have the same aroma as the original? The aroma is very similar to the old one. Many of our employees can’t tell the difference at all! Our in-house Pure-Fumer used the key notes of jasmine, olibanum (also known as frankincense) and certified organic cypress and clary sage to closely replicate the aroma you loved.


Is Sap Moss color safe? Yes, it is.


I’m sold. Where can I get it? Great question. If you’d like to try before you buy, grab a sample at Aveda stores, participating salons or with a purchase on Aveda.com. Otherwise, you can shop Sap Moss online, in Aveda retail stores or at your favorite Aveda salon

Is your hair feeling flat, limp and lifeless? It doesn’t have to! Pumping up the volume on all hair types is easy with the right products and styling techniques. Aveda Artist Jen Hughes shares her pro tips, honed behind the chair at Juut Salonspa in Minneapolis and behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, for the full, pumped-up volume you want.

Toolkit: blow dryer with nozzle, Velcro rollers

Shampoo and condition hair using lightweight products like Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Shampoo and Conditioner or Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner. Keep the conditioner only on the ends of your hair to avoid weighing down the roots.


Pure Abundance Style-Prep is Jen’s go-to creating grip in straight, fine hair. Apply it from the roots to the ends, then pre-dry the hair to about 90%, lifting the roots with your fingers as you go.


Wrap subsections of your hair around large Velcro rollers — make sure the ends are inside the roller and the roller is sitting on top (that is, on the base of the subsection). Dry the remaining hair subsection by subsection using high heat. Finish each subsection with a blast from the blow dryer’s cool button to lock in the root lift and bend.


Remove the rollers and separate the waves with your fingers. Add a puff of Shampure Dry Shampoo or Pure Abundance Hair Potion at the roots to lock in the lift and backcomb for even more volume. Finish with Control Force Hair Spray.


Toolkit: Blow dryer with nozzle, Velcro rollers, small round brush, duck bill clips, Paddle Brush

In the shower, cleanse with Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo, then detangle with the accompanying conditioner. Scrunch dry with a towel, microfiber towel or T-shirt, whatever you prefer.


To create more oomph for fine, wavy hair, spray Thickening Tonic from roots to ends. Use a smaller round brush and a blow dryer with a nozzle. Starting at the roots, take sections of hair the same size as the round brush. While elevating the hair, wrap each section around the brush and blow dry the sections with the nozzle directed down the hair shaft as you go. Pin each section on base with duck bill clips for added root lift. When all the sections are completed and cooled, brush through the hair with your fingers or with a Paddle Brush. For definition, add Light Elements Defining Whip, and for hold and texture, finish with Air Control Hair Spray.


For coarser wavy hair, utilize the steps below for curly or coily hair, but use bigger sections.


Toolkit: Paddle Brush, Hair diffuser, double prong clips

Detangle the hair in the shower using a Paddle Brush and a curl-enhancing or detangling shampoo and conditioner like Be Curly or Brilliant. Towel dry with a cotton or microfiber towel or a T-shirt, depending on your hair routine.


Apply Be Curly Style-Prep from roots to ends followed by Be Curly Curl Enhancer. (If your hair is curly but fine, select just one curl-defining product.) For an added boost, spray Volumizing Tonic at the roots only.


Diffuse dry the hair to create the most volume and greater curl definition in most coily hair types. For maximum root lift, tip the head upside down while diffusing. The “fingers” of the diffuser can be used to lift and manipulate the roots while diffusing. You may also set the hair at the roots using double prong clips. When the hair is completely dry, remove the clips, and spray your hair with Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray.

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