Back to School Hairdo’s

School is about to start here in Maine and many parent’s, teens, and children are nervous about looking their best every day. Naviina Salon has you covered! We’ve compiled a list of some of this school years best styles that will work for anyone from K-12 and beyond! If you need any extra tips or tweaks before (or after) the school year begins give us a call at 207-251-4688. 



  1. image via Just off the beach hair– Simply run some Phomollient (mousse) through your hair right after your shower, and let air dry. Give a scrunch every now and then for some wave and when dry just brush the ends gently.





   2. (Medium to long) Cute Bun– Give the top of your hair a light tease then brush it back and secure into a bun. Pull down a few wisps around the perimeter. Add a bow for extra sweetness.






   3. (Medium to long) Touseled Bun– Pull your hair back into a simple low bun, leaving out some face-framing pieces. Give the pieces a quick bend with a curling wand or flat iron.







   4. (Medium to long) Whisper of a Wave– A simple bend with a flat iron is all you need to achieve this look. Give it a tousle all over when you’re done.







   5. (long hair) Classic Beach Waves– A curling wand is a must here to achieve this look. Just wrap random pieces, let cool and tousle.








  6. (Long Hair) Milk Maid Braid– Start the braid by bringing the hair to one side and begin braiding behind the ear. Bring the braid across the front and secure the end with bobbie pins. Pull some pieces out around the fringe.






   7.(Long Hair) Fun Pony– Leave your hair natural and pull back into a high pony.  Tease the base of the pony for added volume.






   8. (Short to Long) Half-Up braid– Braid a piece of hair on either side of the part and secure the ends with elastics or bobbie pins. Wear the rest any way you wish. 






  9. (Long) Fishtail– Follow this tutorial to learn how to master this fun braid. 










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