Après-ski Hair Tips

It is ski season, and that means heading to the slopes to shred some fresh pow! Unfortunately it also means that when you are ready to break for Après-ski, you may end up looking like a hot mess once your helmet, goggles and whatever else you have on your head. Here are a few tips to keep you looking fresh while you refresh from a day at the mountains. 

♦ Condition is key not only for the slopes but for your hair as well. Especially during the cold months, keeping your hair in optimum shape is best. Use a weekly conditioning treatment, such as Aveda’s dry remedy™ moisturizing masque .

♦ Dry Shampoo is your friend. A quick puff of Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo from your ski bag can bring limp locks back to life, keep some in your ski bag!

♦ Play up the texture. If you are one to leave your hair down you are all too familiar with the piecy, messy look you get, especially if it is snowing out. After you hit the slopes do a quick brush out and play it up even more with Aveda’s Texture Tonic, a few sprits and a quick scrunch will leave you looking like you meant for it to happen that way!

♦ Braid it. Hours on the slopes can breed, angry, snarled hair. Put it in a braid (or two) if you have the length and when you’re done for the day undo and give a shake for some fun texture. 

♦ Buns are cool too. A low bun is also great for keeping your hair out of your face and the elements.

♦ If all else fails, throw on your favorite beanie!



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