Thank You… Love, the Earth


Everyone at Naviina, along with Aveda and The Natural Resources Council of Maine,  would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that gave so generously in support of our Earth Month Campaign for clean water! In total we raised $1257.00! So awesome and so much appreciated! 


Here is a list of the lucky and well deserving raffle winners! 


Demi Glaze & Cut with Kristin: Christine Caterino

90 Minute Massage with Sarah: Mark Gallup

Retouch & Cut with Amy Z.: Cheryl Accardi

Spa Pedicure with Michelle: Linda Rakiey

Full Foil & Cut with Amy S.: Beth Sandmire

Partial Foil, Glaze & Cut with Shawna: Patty Dumont

Partial Foil, Glaze & Cut with Kaylin: Mary Gelfand

90 Minute Massage with Jen: Rick Bond

Face Frame Foil, Glaze & Cut with Janeen: Shannon Garvey

Image Facial with Kendra: Beth Abriles

Full Foil & Cut with Cassie: Linda Rhoda

Congrats Everyone, we can’t wait to see you for your appointments!


Cheers to 8 Years!

Today is a great day! We are celebrating 8 years at Naviina and we are moving into our 9th Summer season! It also happens to be National Hairstylist Appreciation Day! So if you haven’t thanked your favorite stylist for all they do for you, today would be the perfect day! Three cheers for 8 wonderful years!!!

Thin Hair? Read, Watch, and Learn.

We have many clients with fine, thin hair and we have many products to help! The newly formulated Invati line is perfect for those with noticeably thinning hair, or if they want to jumpstart growth and add fullness, with its exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner, and invigorating scalp revitalizer. Aveda’s Thickening Tonic is one of our best sellers! It actually thickens and expands each strand of hair when used before styling for weightless volume. We also can’t forget Aveda’s Pure Abundance line, with ingredients like kaolin clay and acacia gum to plump and boost volume everyday. 

Light the Way with Vetiver

You’ve probably smelled vetiver at some point in your life and not even known it. The woody aroma, which comes from a tall, hardy grass grown from India to Haiti, is a popular ingredient in perfumery. Some fragrances heavily feature vetiver, especially colognes, and others use the ingredient as a “fixative” to help the scent last longer. At Aveda, we use vetiver in products like Tulasāra Firm Concentrate, Chakra Body Mist #1, and the Aveda Men line.


“It’s quite complex, rich and deep, but it has an interesting twist to it because it has a bit of sparkly grapefruit,” says Associate Pure-Fumer Kate Rosso, who works in Aveda’s Aroma Lab onsite at our HQ in Minnesota. “It’s a grass, but it’s the roots that are distilled for perfumery. The roots are really deep, and because of that, it’s a pretty hardy plant and it can survive in either dry or wet soil. It also helps prevent soil erosion.”



Vetiver is the new star ingredient in our limited-edition 2018 Light the Way candle. The Light the Way candle has become an Aveda Earth Month tradition, with 100% of the suggested purchase price of the candle going to Global Greengrants to fund clean water projects around the world. The vetiver aroma does more than just scent your home with rich, woody aroma, though.


We’ve been working with the people of Haiti to harvest our vetiver for years, but on
October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the island, killing over 1,000 people​ and devastating the region. The vetiver farmers lost a majority of their crops, along with their animals and homes. Working with Global Greengrants, we immediately sent $10,000 from Light the Way candle sales to Heifer International to help fund a generator for one of the large water bottling plants in the affected area. In addition, $5,000 was also provided to the Lambi Fund to provide more clean drinking water and infrastructure repair for those in most need in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.



The Light the Way candle proceeds have also helped Haiti rebuild. Working together with Aquatic Resources Conservation Group (ARC), we’re helping to construct three sustainably built homes in the community of Favette, with bathrooms, solar stoves and solar lighting.


The Favette Vetiver Depot and Community Center is also being built in partnership with Heifer International and International Flavor and Fragrance, one of our top aroma distributors. The center will be earthquake, tornado and flood-resistant, and will include a water catchment system to provide water for the community, plus offices, bathrooms and more, giving the people of Favette a place to gather.


In total, you’ve helped us give a grand total of $170,000 in grants for Haiti since 2010 — pretty amazing, right? Every time you light your new Earth Month candle, enjoy the vetiver aroma and think of the good work you’re helping us carry out in a very special place.

We have just a few candles left at Naviina for purchase, stop by to get yours! Only $14.00!



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Beach Clean Up Day!

Our beach cleanup day is tomorrow and we are so eager to get to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm to help clean for Earth Month this year! If you would like to join us, we are meeting at Laudholm Farm at 2:30!

We have had so many generous donations so far to reach our goal of over $2100.00 for this years Earth Month Fund to benefit the Natural Resources Council of Maine but we still need your help! There are two ways in which you can donate; online or in salon. If you come into the salon you have the added benefit of being able to enter to win one of 12 unique raffle prizes generously donated by our Naviina family members. We have everything from manicures to full foils and everything in between! All it takes is a minimum of $5.00 and you get to choose which raffle (or raffles!) you would like to enter your name into. Tickets are $5.00 for one entry, $15 for 5 entries and $40 for 15 entries. Another option is for $20 you receive one entry and Aveda’s limited edition Light the Way Candle, $14.00 of which goes to the Global Greengrants Fund. You still have until the end of the month to donate and enter, drop in when you’re close by!

To donate online, click HERE!

Join Us

Join us this coming Saturday at the Maine Womens Expo at the Nonantum Resort in beautiful Kennebunkport! We will be offering eyebrow & lip waxes, product discounts,  as well as chair massage, all proceeds going toward our Earth Month campaign! Read below for all of the events and vendors that will be joining us! We can’t wait to see you there!


Enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and pampering at the Maine Women Magazine Winter Expo! Shop, sample and try out some new things! We are lining up a roster of special vendors, speakers, workshops and activities to make this a fabulous experience for all! Entertainment to include yoga & dance demonstrations, beauty & cosmetic consultations, fashion & accessory advice, DIY sessions for the home, food, wine & so much more!

Attendees of all ages will be able to shop among some of Maine’s best-known retailers selling everything from jewelry, and clothing to bath, beauty and hair products. Maine-made products, artwork and services will be well represented at the event. Bring your girlfriends, your mother, your daughter, your BFF—kids are welcome too! Can’t wait to see you!


We are partnering with sheJAMS to include a Fun Boot Camp to celebrate the Power of a Woman BEFORE the Expo on the lawn of the Nonantum Resort. The workout will be formatted to handle all fitness levels. Go at your own pace while doing strength and cardio exercises outside with nature. Boot camp registration includes entrance to the Expo, a Power of SHE T-shirt (if you register before April 1, 2018) and a $5 donation to Caring Unlimited of Maine. REGISTER HERE

THE EXPO 12 – 4

The EXPO will feature 50 Maine-based shops, artists, crafters and services all under one roof! The exhibitors categories include art, beauty, food, health & fitness, services, hearth & home, and more. The Expo will remain open during the Happy Hour so you can keep shopping until 6pm!


We are lining up an afternoon of interactive demonstrations and workshops designed to entertain and enlighten! Learn how to Retrain your Brain for Positivity and Well Being or make a Mini Air Plant Terrarium and take home your finished work of art! These are just a sampling of the activities that will be available. A full schedule of events will be published soon!


Join us for a special Happy Hour in the lobby of the Nonantum from 4 – 6pm for live music by the Dock Squares, refreshments, and pampering activities…a perfect way to cap off a day of fun! Enjoy Oysters on the half shell compliments of Lucas Myers of O’Oysters, LLC or a lovely cheese & cracker platter.  The Bar will be open to serve you wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks. Relax in a zero-gravity chair while you enjoy a heavenly foot rub from Hands on Feet or Fabulous Footworks! The LoveLight Center will be giving Angel Card Readings as well. More to this space!


Purchase advance tickets for just $8 ($15 at the door). All ticket and Silent Auction proceeds will go to Caring Unlimited. Learn more about them at   CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

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Prom 2018!

The Prom for our local high schools is coming up next month so we thought it wise to compile some ideas for hairstyles for the very special occasion! Take a peek and pic your favorite and we will wave your hair with our magic wands, we can’t wait!

Friends & Family April 16th-19th!

APRIL 16TH-19TH 2018
Friends and Family week is fast approaching so if you haven’t made your appointment you had better act fast as openings are filling fast! If you aren’t already in “the know” about Friends and Family, this is something we do three times a year for four days. Anyone and everyone, whether you are a new guest or are here for your 200th visit, you can enjoy 20% OFF OF ALL SERVICES!* No lie, all you need to do is mention Friends and Family when you checkout and Boom! instant savings! This is the perfect chance to come in and try us out if you’ve been curious or to try something new and/or a service you wouldn’t normally splurge for like a customized facial or a hot stone massage! Call now to book, you won’t regret it! 


*Discount available April 16th-19th only, no exceptions. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

The Best Cuts & Colors for Spring 2018

Aveda’s experts have firsthand knowledge of what is trending around the world. Richard Adonis, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting, and Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color recently shared their favorite trends for the coming seasons. 








When the weather changes from winter to spring, you may just feel an intense craving to change up your hair look. That’s totally relatable! We’re getting excited about spring and summer 2018, so we called up Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting Ricardo Dinis at his home in New York to chat about his favorite looks for the warmer months.

Ricardo, who is known for his precise, painstakingly perfect bobs, has recently found inspiration on the runway as of late. “I found the Marc Jacobs show inspiring because it felt very hair-focused,” he said. “[Hairstylist] Guido Palau did the cuts, and he was quoted as saying they were old Sassoon cuts. That’s my school and I loved that mix of something ‘60s and ‘80s and ‘90s. It was cuts, it was color, it was punchy — I love actually seeing a statement rather than no statement about hair.”

In Ricardo’s opinion, hair should make a statement this spring and summer. “I’ve been noticing people trying to be a little more independent and different, staying away from the crowd,” he said. “I see a lot of kids at Fashion Institute of Technology doing their own hair … I think the real trend is to be more individual rather than with the crowd.”

According to Ricardo, the New York look du jour is a short, colored bob with a strong fringe. “The kids take that [classic Anna Wintour-style bob] and put it on drugs so it becomes purple, and it becomes youthful.”

Short hair is where it’s at for Ricardo. “I love chin-length, anything from collar up, or cropped pixies,” he says. “Very Mia Farrow will be really sexy for the summer, and [pixies] could look great with some gel just to add shine and give it that wet look.” Some of his favorite summery looks have a ‘60s vibe too. “Hair that’s worn off the face, tucked behind the ears; bobs that are gelled with a side part for something more elegant, when the hair gets tucked behind the ears, it does this ‘60s flick – you accessorize that with amazing earrings or cool vintage hair clip.” He’s also feeling the center part and thinks it might make a comeback.




His best advice if you’re looking to change things up for warmer weather: make your cut work with the weather, not against it. “It depends on what you love about the summer and what you hate about summer. I personally think that humidity is a factor — think about products that are going to moisturize your hair. I opt for hair that looks less blow-dried, more finger-styled.” His favorite summer products include Shampure Dry Shampoo for grit and texture, Phomollient Styling Foam, Brilliant Retexturizing Gel and Texture Tonic. “They’re all good go-to products so that with whatever cut I have, I can scrunch and squeeze the hair into the desired style.”

Who would Ricardo love to see in his chair? He’s a big fan of the actress Tilda Swinton for her iconic look and chameleon-esque ability to transform herself. A more surprising choice: directors Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro, as he’s a big movie buff and a fan of sci-fi.

Check out some of our favorite looks from Ricardo below, and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @ricardodinis.






















There’s something about a new season that makes us feel like changing up our hair. Do you know that feeling? It’s pretty common, and honestly, we love it! There’s nothing like a fresh cut or color to lift your spirits and get you pumped for what’s to come. That’s why we turned to Global Artistic Director for Hair Color, Ian Michael Black, and asked him to share the shades he’s loving for spring and summer, what inspires him when he’s concocting color, and how to change up your look without doing something drastic.

According to Ian, it’s time to warm up. “The biggest trend for the warmer months is the return to much warmer-toned hair,” Ian says. “Blondes are being toned soft pink-ambers, or rich golden saffron shades. The boldest will go for either an on-trend “ultraviolet” hue or a bright Mandarin orange tone — it’s the perfect mix of a strong orange with yellow undertones to give a true sunshine color.”




You don’t have to make a drastic change to tweak your look for a new season. “If you want to dip your toes into a color change but don’t want to have something dramatic or something permanent, the new Hair Color Shine Treatments are the ideal choice for you,” Ian recommends. “They do everything from toning blondes to enriching brunettes with warmth or cooling them down to get rid of any unwanted warm tones, to giving natural redheads a more vibrant version of their natural color. You can even opt for fashion shades on very light hair.” Customizable color isn’t the only perk of the new color line. “Not only will it leave your hair with incredible shine, it will also help improve the condition of your tresses,” he says.

When he’s creating color, Ian looks to his home base of Los Angeles for inspiration. “I’m inspired by the vibe of Los Angeles and its relaxed yet cool style … streetwear mixed with “undone” soft waves of pink, peach and soft blues. Because it’s sunny all year round, there is always an explosion of bright colors wherever you look.”


We’re loving these shades by Ian — follow him on Instagram at @ianmichaelblack for more!

Bridal Hair Trends 2018

Wedding season in is just around the corner, and we are so looking forward to it!  Whether you are getting married this year or are going to be in a wedding, we have found the latest trends in hair from Tania Maras, check out her line of bridal veils and accessories, gorgeous! Enjoy!




These modern updos are a fusion of braids and classic styles. Despite their intricacy, they don’t look overdone or overwhelming. They’re modern chic personified.

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Low set textured updo

Soft braided wedding updo - 2018 bridal hair trends

ALESSIA silver floral comb 2

Low set tucked updo - 2018 wedding hair trends


Soft romantic wedding updos - 2018 wedding hair trends

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Romantic braided updo - 2018 bridal hair trends

Low set wedding updo - 2018 wedding hair trends

Low set updo - 2018 wedding hair trends
















The wedding bun is more chic than ever with wispy tendrils and a low set profile. The chignon in 2018 is luxurious yet relaxed, and will take brides from garden soirees to formal gatherings.

Whether you have long or short hair, there’s a wedding bun for you. Your hairstylist can always add extensions to your hair if you’d prefer a fuller look.

Textured low updo - 2018 wedding hair trends

2018 wedding hair trends - relaxed updos


2018 bridal hairstyles - low set chignon

SImple messy tucked updo - 2018 wedding hair trends

2018 wedding hair trends - relaxed bridal updo

Wispy low set updo - 2018 wedding hair inspiration

2018 wedding hair trends - low set updo - TANIA MARAS BRIDAL








2018 will see many brides wearing chic ponytails down the aisle. We’ll be seeing glamorous high set wavy ones positioned at the crown to low set ponies tied at the nape of the neck.

For a more polished look, plump up your pony and wrap a strand of hair to cover the elastic. Finish with a pony tail wrap, cuff or velvet ribbon.

2018 wedding hair trends_plump pony tail

2018 wedding hair trends_pony tail with braids

2018 wedding hair trends_ponytail

2018 wedding hair trends - high pony tail

2018 wedding hairstyles_ponytail 2


2018 wedding hairstyles_ponytail










Part half updo, part side-swept goddess, the new half updo is pure perfection. The braids and twists add that wow-factor, while the loose, wavy locks cascading down your back bring a softness and glamour.

For symmetry lovers, a romantic updo with fishtail detail is just as exquisite.

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Side braid on wavy hair - 2018 wedding hair trends

Side braided wavy hair - 2018 wedding hair trends

Side braid loose hair - 2018 wedding hair trends

Braided side hairstyle - 2018 wedding hair trends


Half up hairstyle - 2018 wedding hair trends

Half up braided hairstyle - 2018 wedding hair trends

















Looking for something a little different, modern, yet still chic? May we introduce you to the half updo knot. For boho lovers, mess it up. Or for a more glam look, style it with loose waves and a smooth finish.

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Half up hairstyle with bun - 2018 wedding hair trends

Twisted half up hairstyle - 2018 wedding hair trends

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Twisted half up hairstyle - 2018 long wedding hair trends

Half up knot hairstyle - 2018 wedding hairstyles

Half updo with bun - 2018 wedding hair trends

2018 Wedding Hair Trends | The ultimate wedding hair styles of 2018

Twisted half up hairstyle - 2018 bridal hair trends