Summer is Coming!

Spring is in the air (yes, even with the rain), and summer will soon be upon, it is time to start prepping your hair, skin and nails for all that it brings!

I know my toes have been hibernating all winter long, let us soak your feet and enjoy a luxurious massage and fresh polishing with a Spa Pedicure!

Is your hair depressed? Looking drab, dull, and dry, we would love to help with an Aveda Damage Remedy treatment, it only takes an extra 5 minutes after your shampoo and will give you weeks of moisture and replenishment! Don’t forget to brighten up with balayage and a texturizing cut to give you perfect summer-worthy hair.

We are also excited to try one of our new facials with you.

The Perfecting Plant Peel- Advancing the science of chemical peels, this treatment helps retexturize skin; smooth fine, dry lines; refine the look of pores; and restore radiance. Safe for acneic skin, add this treatment when skin needs the exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel procedure with less of the associated redness and irritation. 30 minutes.

Or The Tulasara™ Facial Treatment- Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized Tulasara™ facial treatment.  After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and techniques.  We will design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty. 60 Minutes

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Get Prom Ready

Prom is getting closer and we want to make sure that everyone looks their best! We have got you covered, from manicures and pedicures, cuts & colors for ladies and gents, eyelash extensions,  as well as adding that glow you know you want with sunless tanning. Call 207-251-4688 to schedule your appointments soon!                                                                                                               





Mother’s Day Treats

You’re Mother will be the envy of all of her friends….

You know your Mother deserves a break, that is why we have made it easy for you. Trust us, she would love either of the services highlighted below. As a bonus, book either of them during the month of May and take home a $10.00 gift card to be used anytime!

Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel Facial

Advancing the science of chemical peels, this treatment helps retexturize skin; smooth fine, dry lines; refine the look of pores; and restore radiance. Safe for acneic skin, add this treatment when skin needs the exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel procedure with less of the associated redness and irritation.

The Classic Aveda Mani/Pedi 

You cannot go wrong here, every woman loves a great mani/pedi and with the warmth and sunshine upon us now is a great time to book! Soak, scrub, massage, trimming and polish, need we say more?
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Cupping, what is it?

In case you haven’t heard, we are so excited to announce that we now offer cupping to our guests! Though some of you may already know, many may be curious as to what cupping is and what it can do for you. 

Below is information taken from here telling the many benefits of this amazing treatment!

Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method that has been popular in China since around 1000 B.C.

And for good reason. Cupping therapy has a host of health benefits that can often outweigh modern medicine techniques.

One of the biggest advantages to trying alternative practices like cupping therapy, acupuncture or massage therapy is that these methods don’t pose the risk for unwanted side effects like pharmacological drugs or surgery do.

In fact, there’s really no downside to trying alternative practices like cupping, since studies show they can help boost immune function and speed up healing time without the use of any medications or even herbs. And these are just some of the benefits of cupping therapy.

5 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Most of the validity of cupping as an alternative medical practice comes from its long history of use over the past 3,000 years. Cupping techniques have been used extensively to treat a range of disorders and symptoms, sometimes on their own, or other times in conjunction with other alternative practices. It’s common for cupping therapy to be used along with massage therapy, essential oils, acupuncture or even as an adjunct to “Western medicine” treatments.

What we do know from the limited scientific studies that have been done is that cupping works by expanding the capillaries and increasing the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues. Besides this, cupping therapy seems to provoke a relaxation response in some people, which means it’s useful for lowering stress and its negative effects.

While there’s a ton of anecdotal evidence that cupping can be effective and safe, to date very few clinical studies using humans have been conducted, making it hard to “prove” many of the time-honored benefits of cupping therapy. That being said, it’s worked for millions of people over many years, so here are five ways that cupping might be able to help you:

1. Helps Reduce Pain

One of the most common reasons people turn to alternative treatment methods is because they’re looking for a safe way to naturally reduce joint pain and muscle pain. After reviewing dozens of randomized clinical trials testing cupping therapy in patients with pain of any origin, a report published in Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine found that cupping significantly reduced pain in people with low back issues compared to usual care treatments, showed positive effects in treating cancer pain compared with anticancer drugs and analgesics, and helped soothe pain associated with respiratory issues. 

Cupping is thought to release tissues deep inside the body, relax tense muscles and ease stiffness associated with chronic back and neck pains, migraines, rheumatism, and fatigue. Some athletes have been known to use cupping therapy to naturally improve performance and reduce stiffness, muscle cramps, joint pains and scar tissue caused by injuries.

Cupping targets soft tissue by applying local pressure to pain points and areas of swelling. As blood flow increases within vessels and capillaries, tissues receive much-needed nutrients and oxygen. Cupping practitioners use pressure, heat, suctioning and needles above or below the site of injury, allowing for energy to travel along the “channels” (meridians) that pass through the injury.

For help lowering pain, cups are commonly placed over the following areas: over the fleshy part of the shoulder blades, over the groin/loins, by the neck (for soothing tension headaches, toothaches or migraines) or around the lower back.

2. Promotes Relaxation

It might seem counteractive, but cupping often helps alleviate physical complaints and allows people to enter a more relaxed state since it sedates the central nervous system. This is similar to acupuncture, which you might assume hurts and is uncomfortable but actually seems to help lower most patients’ stress responses and therefore offers protection against anxiety and depression.

How can cupping be relaxing? Just the act of laying still and being “taken care of” during cupping therapy sessions might have a positive effect on someone’s psychological well-being, which could be one reason why it’s used to lower mental illnesses. Once the cups are placed down and suctioned, they might need to remain still for up to 20 minutes, which forces stillness and silence on patients who might otherwise lead very hectic lives. According to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, another reason cupping is soothing is because the cups help lift pressure in tense muscles, which offers a relieving sensation just like receiving a deep tissue massage

3. Boosts Skin Health

Cupping is used to reduce herpes, cellulite, acne and skin inflammation. While studies haven’t shown it can necessarily help with weight loss, the fact that it tones and firms skin by improving blood flow and expanding capillaries makes it popular among celebrities and people in the spotlight who want to appear to have toned skin. As part of a skin-clearing or cellulite treatment, oil is commonly first applied to the skin before the cups are suctioned and moved around, bringing heat to the area along with various skin-healing ingredients depending on the type of oil used.

Because cupping improves blood flow and might help lower inflammation, some studies have found it to be equally or even more effective at treating acne compared to antibiotics. A meta-analysis of six studies showed that for improving acne, the cure rate of wet cupping was better than the cure rate following use of tanshinone, tetracyclineand ketoconazole prescriptions. 

4. Helps Treat Respiratory Issues and Colds

Commonly used to help nourish the lungs and clear away phlegm or congestion, cupping therapy can be useful for speeding up healing time from respiratory illnesses like the flu or common colds. Cupping helps improve immune function by moving blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body, which is why it’s been associated with reductions in lung diseases (especially chronic coughs), allergies, infections and asthma.

Treating respiratory conditions like pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the oldest uses for cupping and was utilized long before prescriptions were available. (5)

5. Improves Digestion

Acupuncture and cupping are both popular ways to improve digestion and reduce symptoms from disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This might primarily be because they can lower a patient’s stress response, which is highly tied to healthy digestive functioning. (6)

Throughout history, cupping therapy has been found to be beneficial for people with frequent stomach pains, diarrhea, acute gastritis, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal diseases and water retention. For digestive disturbances, cupping is commonly performed in the following areas: around the navel, over the bladder, around the kidneys or over the stomach.

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What it means to be an Aveda Concept Salon

Many times over the years we have been asked what it means to be an Aveda salon. Is it a chain? Is it a religion? What does it stand for? Here I would like to clarify all of those things, and perhaps more.

Aveda is Sanskrit for “all knowledge”.

We strive to live by the mission set forth by Aveda’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher: 


Aveda salons are not chains, or franchises if you will. To be an Aveda concept salon we must carry and use Aveda products and color lines (though we do fill in where they lack, such as perms). We are also committed to the earth, we recycle everything that we can, all of our packaging, used color tubes, etc. etc., we even have a separate bin for the caps on our color tubes because we know that they cannot be recycled along with our other plastics. 


Keep reading for Horst’s story and to learn more about this wonderful company. 


The legacy of Horst Rechelbacher extends far beyond the creation of Aveda. a pioneer of holistic beauty, and a champion of environmental responsibility, Horst’s purpose and passion have taken on a momentum of their own as part of a greater global movement toward balance and harmony, both individual and collective.

Born in Austria in 1941 to an herbalist mother and a shoemaker father, Horst began working in the salon across the street at the age of 14. “I was not a good student at all but I was very eager to be something different,” he said. Horst was a natural talent, and by 17 he was working as a stylist at a prestigious salon in Rome, tending to international celebrities. By the young age of 20 he had won the European Hairstyling Championship, which he used as a springboard to tour Europe and the United States. “What is a calling? It’s like almost a fire inside me and it keeps me alive,” he said.



A world-class stylist in his teens, Horst ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota by accident. Literally. During a stylist competition in 1963, Horst’s car was hit by a drunk driver. He decided to settle in Minneapolis, as a European hairdresser, and opened his own salon, Horst & Friends and then several others, becoming a successful salon entrepreneur in his twenties. In the late sixties, Horst suffered burn out from overwork and recovered thanks to herbal remedies prepared by his mother, as well as to the practice of yoga and meditation. Following a retreat in India in 1970, Horst integrated Ayurveda in his lifestyle and his salon business model. He adopted a holistic thinking, the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us. His were ideas that would revolutionize the beauty industry. “We are the earth,” he said. “We are soil. We are water. We are everything. So go organic if you can. So become a farmer. Grow in your own house. Grow peppermint and make your own tea. Celebrate life.”

In India, he also received the inspiration to create Aveda. Horst gained greater appreciation for the power of wellness to promote balance in mind, body and spirit, the prerequisite to achieving the guest’s beauty goals. He met Shiv Nath Tandon in the ashram Sadhana Mandir in Rishikesh, India with whom he developed his first Clove Shampoo in a kitchen sink in Minneapolis, together with doctors of Ayurveda, Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay. All have continued to work with Aveda since the early 1970s.

Out of this well-timed collaboration, Aveda was born in 1978 with the vision to bring beauty professionals botanical products that would be good for them, their guests, and the Earth and its communities. Horst’s foresight is a testament to how far ahead of his time he was, and although no longer with us his legacy lives on in countless ways, from the signature ritual of a neck and shoulder massage that Aveda salons are known for, to an ecologically-minded way of doing business, one that celebrates companies with a conscience. Most importantly, Horst taught us that: “Every day presents every one of us with the opportunity to create positive effects. Even the simplest, seemingly insignificant choices we make in our daily lives—what to eat, what to wear, what to use on our bodies and in our homes—have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond us personally.”

5,000 years of results our earliest roots lie in ayurveda, the indian healing tradition based on the knowledge of life and the interconnectedness of all things. it has proven, over 5,000 years, that treating the whole person leads to greater balance and well-being, so we consider the effects of our products not only on hair or skin, but on body, mind and emotion.

Our relationship with Ayurveda began in 1976, thanks to two renowned Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, Drs. Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay. Globally sought for their expertise in Ayurvedic medicine, pharmacology, botanical research and aromatherapy, they brought 1,000s of years of Vedic and Ayurvedic tradition to bear on Aveda’s work. Their guidance first helped us identify botanical actives for our products, allowed us to pioneer “functional aromas”(with our chakra™ balancing aroma blends), and helped us launch innovative, powerful naturally derived formulas such as invati™ solutions for thinning hair.

 In keeping with Ayurvedic principles—and because of our concern for the Earth—Aveda is committed to using organic ingredients. This has led to another Ayurvedic partnership—between Aveda and the Indian firm, Nisarga.

Nisarga—which means “nature” in Sanskrit—grows Ayurvedic herbs with organic agriculture. We have partnered with them to obtain organic turmeric and amla for use in some of our products including Invati™ Solutions for Thining Hair.

Nisarga employs an environmentally friendly extraction method using CO2, which leaves no toxic residues and works at a lower temperature—yielding highly potent extracts.

Because of the company’s concern about the dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Nisarga works to encourage farmers to convert to organic agriculture. They have held regular educational seminars for about 35,000 farmers over the years, convincing many to go organic. Nisarga pays the organic certification costs for the farmers they partner with and also provides educational support to help make the conversion successful.

Information taken from

Cruelty Free

Aveda has always been a leader when it comes to its commitment to being animal friendly. Now they are adopting PETA’s cruelty free logo on all of their packaging. We love Aveda!

Earth Day Raffle!

It’s time to celebrate Mother Earth again for Earth Month at Naviina Salon & Day Spa! Last year we were able to raise over $2,000.00 with your help to donate to the Natural Resources Council of Maine and we would love to surpass that this year! We have put together an amazing prize this year, a package for you with over $700.00 worth of product and services!

The List:

Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque ($27.00)

Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo ($29.00)

Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner ($29.00)

Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener($25.00)

Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate ($35.00)

Aveda Embrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum ($54.00)

Aveda Embrightenment Brightening Cleanser ($35.00)

Aveda Light the Way Candle with Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma of certified organic vanilla, cinnamon, ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences. ($12.00)

O.P.I. Nail Laquer in It’s A Boy ($10.00)

Pramasana Treatment($150.00)

A stimulating, cleansing, and balancing treatment beginning with a luxurious exfoliating facial for your scalp to open the crown chakra, next you will experience grounding with foot reflexology complete with warm towels.  As a final touch, you will be treated to a scalp & hair masque and leave with a beautiful blow out by one of our stylists.

One Manicure a Month for a Year! ($300.00)

Tickets for a chance to win are as follows: 1 for $10.00, 3 for $20.00 or if you purchase a limited edition Light the Way candle you will receive 1 entry!

Stop in for your chance to win!

Meet Samantha!

We would like you to please welcome Samantha Fairfield to Naviina! Samantha has been practicing all forms of massage, energy work, polarity, reiki 1, cupping and gua sha therapy for over ten years. Samantha focuses on the client as a whole and seeks to treat all physical and emotional ailments from the inside out by using a variety of modalities ranging from herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutritional counseling, and bodywork.

Samantha’s massage and polarity education is from Spa Tech Institute, an energy based school in Westbrook, ME. She holds a BA in Anthropology and English/Writing from Eastern Oregon University, certified in Equine Massage through Equissage in Virginia, and is currently half way through her Masters in Complimentary Alternative Medicine through the American College of Health Care Sciences based out of Portland Oregon. Samantha hopes to continue her education as a D.O upon completion of her MS program. She is very excited to be at Naviina Salon & Day Spa and be an active part of the community in all areas of wellness.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of bodywork that has been used for over 5,000 years. It is a painless form of deep tissue massage that uses suction, ie; reverse massage, to pull blood to the surface and release stuck fascial tissue and stagnant lymph.

It’s benefits are many, ranging from pain reduction, decreased inflammation, increased blood flow to speed up the healing process, relaxation, immunostimulation, lymph drainage, reduction in cellulite. Cupping helps heal sore muscles, joints and tendons by increasing blood flow to the area. It is a very relaxing and effective therapy that usually takes about 30 mins. Cupping can also be incorporated into any other massage or body treatment as a side add on.

Gua sha therapy is a a traditional Chinese therapy that involves light scraping of the skin and muscles. Samantha uses rose quartz tools for their additional vibrational healing properties. Gua Sha promotes blood flow to unhealthy areas from injury, stagnation, or stress. By increasing blood flow to these areas, healing can happen quickly and effectively. It is a form of deep tissue massage that gets deep into muscle knots and tension. Gua sha can be incorporated into any massage, cupping or energy session.

10 Best Foods for Great Hair

I came across this article the other day listing the best foods for luscious locks! They say you are what you eat and that includes the health of your hair. Eating these foods along with using quality products will give you the best your tresses can get. Here is the list in a nutshell.

  1. Spinach- Packed up with nutrients like vitamin A, beta carotene, folate, vitamin C and iron. They work for maintaining good scalp and improve hair quality.
  2. Guava-A super fruit, it is full of vitamin C, which protects the hair from being brittle.
  3. Sweet Potatoes-Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene which our body converts to Vitamin A. Your dry and dull hair turns beautiful by eating this simple tuber regularly.
  4. Eggs- Eggs are rich in Vitamin B called biotin which helps for hair growth.
  5. Lentils- Folic acid is needed for the body to bring back the health of red blood cells. These red blood cells improve oxygen supply to scalp. Eating plenty of lentils will result in ample folic acid in the body, leading to long lustrous hair.
  6. Amla- Amla, or gooseberry, is attributed to the health of hair from generations.
  7. Almonds- Indians use almond oil for oiling hair, they provide magnesium to the body which helps in growing healthy hair.
  8. Walnuts-Omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts help grow hair well. Two walnuts a day creates magic with your hair.
  9. Carrots-Carrot prevent hair loss, it helps hair grow faster and aid in getting thick hair.
  10. Flax Seeds and Sunflower Seeds-These seeds are rich in zinc, protein, potassium, selenium, biotin, iron, copper, vitamin E, Vitamin B, Magnesium and Calcium.

Aveda’s products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate.

We work hard to ensure that ecological and cultural diversity is represented by responsibly sourcing key ingredients from different habitats all over the world. 

Through fair compensation, we positively impact the people and economies from which some of our products’ ingredients are sourced.

Aveda firmly believes that we will succeed in our goal by striving to use what we call green ingredients in our products whenever possible. Our definition of a green ingredient requires that it meet at least one of the following criteria:

• Naturally derived, which we define to be those for which more than 50% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, or some other natural source.

• Certified organic.

• Sourced from sustainable or renewable plant-based origins, and does not negatively impact the ecosystems from which they are sourced.

To Aveda, continued progress and improvement in the number of green ingredients we use in our products is an essential part of ensuring we honor our Mission commitment to care for the world we live in.


Did you know that Aveda has a large library of how-to videos on their website and YouTube!? Well they do and we would love for you to see them and use them for your benefit! Not only do they cover women’s hair, they also have videos on men and skin care, this is why we love Aveda and why you should too.

Here are a few of our favorites, Enjoy!