Sandalore = Less Hair Loss!?

We recently stumbled across this article which gives hope to those with thinning and balding hair. Studies have recently been done which finds that sandalore, an artificial fragrance mimicking sandalwood, not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates new growth. These trials so far have only been done on cadaver scalp in laboratories, however, scientists say that they are not far from being tested on humans. “To achieve these results, the scientists tapped into an ancient chemical pathway found in hair follicles that allowed them to both slow down the death of these precious structures and promote their growth. They found that by applying their synthetic sandalwood odorant to scalp tissue they could both increase hair growth and decrease cell death. This was enough to generate the “substantial, clinically relevant functional hair growth effects” , as documented in their Nature Communications paper.”

Another article found that even skin will heal itself by “smelling” this scent. “They found that Sandalore—a synthetic sandalwood oil used in aromatherapy, perfumes and skin care products—bound to an olfactory receptor in skin called OR2AT4. Rather than sending a message to the brain, as nose receptors do, the receptor triggered cells to divide and migrate, important processes in repairing damaged skin.” 

Science is amazing! We can only imagine what would happen if sandalore was used in conjunction with Aveda’s Invati Shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment! Exfoliation + conditioning + stimulation = success.

Halloween Looks

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you’ve been slacking on planning a costume, don’t stress! We’re here to help. We teamed up with Aveda makeup artist Yolie Deisch (find her at @yolie.salonoriana on Instagram) to create three fun, simple Halloween looks you can definitely execute on October 31, even if time is of the essence. Grab your Aveda makeup and some brushes and you’re set!

The Woodland Fairy
Get in touch with nature as an ethereal woodland fairy. Yolie used romantic, gleaming shades of copper and bronze for an earthy, otherworldly glow on both cheeks and lids. Pull your hair into a topknot, add some foliage and you’re good to go — wings optional.

Here’s what you’ll need: Inner Light Tinted Moisturizer, Uruku Bronzer in Brazilian Sun, Petal Essences Face Accents in Peach Lights, Petal Essence Eye Trio in Copper Haze, Mosscara

The Scarecrow
A scarecrow costume is a classic for a reason: it’s cute, simple and you can definitely throw it together in a few minutes. Yolie used Feed My Lips lipsticks to create the colored pieces — totally genius, right? Once you’ve finished drawing your scarecrow face, put your hair into pigtail braids for a finishing touch.


Here’s what you’ll need: Petal Essence Face Accents in Rose Blossom, Uruku Bronzer in Brazilian Sun, Feed My Lips lipsticks in Cana and Guava, Petal Essence Eye Definer in Black Orchid, Petal Essence Eye Trio in Copper Haze


The Evil Queen
If you’d rather give in to your ghoulish side, why not try a goth-glam evil queen look? This deep, dark makeup look takes cues from some classic cartoon villains. Finish off your look with a sweeping black gown and a sneer.

Here’s what you’ll need: Concealer or powder lighter than your skin tone, Uruku Bronzer in Brazilian Sun, Petal Essence Eye Trio in Black Tulip, Feed My Lips lip liner in Pomegranate, Feed My Lips lipstick in Cana, Mosscara in Black, Petal Essence Eye Definer in Black Orchid

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Rachel + Chris

Julie K. Gray Photography perfectly captured the love of this beautiful couple. Married at the ever picturesque Laudholm Farm, Rachel and Chris had an intimate wedding with their closest friends and relatives. Kaylin was able to use the brides natural texture for this simply elegant up style. 

So You Want a Lob Haircut?

So, you need a wash-and-go style that you can still dress up for formal occasions? The lob, AKA long bob, has been having a moment for a few years now, and salon guests in-the-know love to shake things up with a lob when they get the itch to make the chop.


Aveda Artist Timothy Walkinhood, who works at Douglas J Salon in Okemos, MI, says he’s had plenty of lob fans in his chair. “It’s trendy, it’s modern, and it gives you so many options for styling,” he says of the cut. “You can still pull it up, you can use Texture Tonic to scrunch and go and if you want to spend some time with the iron, that’s a good look too!”


Timothy praises the look’s versatility. “You can go from day to night super easily,” he says. “If you’re wearing your hair up for work, you can come home, throw in a couple curls, spray some Texture Tonic in it and it’s nighttime ready. You don’t have to spend all the heat time if you don’t want to because it’s so in now to look effortless and lived-in and not so polished, [so a lob is] perfect.”


Timothy’s number one product pick for styling a lob is, if you haven’t guessed, Texture Tonic. “Whether it’s on straight hair, thick hair or fine hair, it enhances the natural texture,” he explains. “It creates that piecey definition.”


It’s also his go-to for guests who prefer to airdry their lobs. “I prep the hair with Brilliant Damage Control to detangle, towel-dry by squeezing, not roughly drying, spray Texture Tonic on the midlengths and ends and scrunch,” he says. “Then I spray a little more, scrunch a little more – there’s a lot of scrunching if I’m going natural – or I’ll spray and twist the hair into waves or loose curls and literally let it dry without touching it.” If you need frizz control, try using Be Curly Style-Prep or Brilliant Retexturing Gel as well.


If you want undone, textured beachy waves with an iron, Timothy recommends prepping with Brilliant Damage Control to protect from thermal damage, then spritzing on Texture Tonic before blowdrying hair on high fan with medium heat. (You can use a paddle brush or finger-dry, whatever you prefer.) Once hair is dry, use a 1 & ¼” curling wand or a 1 inch flat iron and start curling the hair about two inches away from the scalp. Leave about an inch at the end uncurled. Tug on the end of each curl to loosen and lengthen. 


Curl everything away from the face until you get to the section above the ear and begin alternating. To finish, spray on a little more Texture Tonic and run your hands through your hair to separate curls and give them an effortless, undone look. Finish with a little Air Control hair spray and you’re done! 

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Hair loss and thinning can come from a variety of places, like genetics or childbirth, but it can also be a reaction to breakage from physical damage — AKA the way you treat your hair when you’re styling or even drying it after the shower. Uh oh! Super-tight styles are one of the leading contenders when it comes to breakage, but don’t worry. You don’t have to completely give up your ponytails or braids to save your hair. Aveda Global Educator Bea Carmichael shares five easy ways to minimize breakage in your daily hair routine; you and your hair will be so much happier!

Be extra gentle when your hair is wet. Start the care right away. Don’t pull your hair up into a towel turban or roughly dry it post-shower. Try a microfiber towel or t-shirt and gently squeeze out excess moisture instead. Your hair is vulnerable when it’s wet, so try not to put any extra stress on it.


Reduce heat styling. “Heat puts stress on the hair and can cause breakage if it’s a bit brittle,” Bea says. “When you’re stretching the hair [like with a blowdryer] and changing the texture, it can put stress on the hair and follicle.” If you must heat style, Bea recommends using a minimal routine of a dryer or diffuser on low heat and low speed.


Embrace your natural texture. Think about what your hair wants to do naturally, and try products that are meant to enhance what you already have. “Work with your stylist to get the right products to maximize what you have,” Bea says. “Products can really help, from the right shampoo to styling products.” She loves that the Aveda prep products all help detangle hair, and recommends Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Brilliant Damage Control, Be Curly Style-Prep or Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother.


Take a break from the super-tight ponytails. “The less strain you put on the hair the better,” Bea advises. “Avoid tight ponytails, curlers or braids that put stress on the hair.” Try looser updos and hold them with pins, not hair bands. If you must pony up, try a soft scrunchie or ribbon elastic instead of a tight, traditional pony elastic. Your hair will thank you.


Of course, another way to fight breakage is to begin using Invati Advanced. Our innovative, powerful and 98% naturally-derived* three-step system helps you keep the hair you have longer by exfoliating, conditioning, strengthening and nourishing it from scalp to tip. The secret weapon against breakage? The Thickening Conditioner, which infuses hair with weightless conditioning to help protect your hair from breakage. Use the system once a day, every day and notice less breakage. (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. Learn more at



October Happenings

You Need This in Your Life.

Introducing Aveda’s latest innovation…


Not only does this spray significantly reduce the time you will spend finishing your hair, it also acts as a detangler, a heat shield, and reduces frizz.


This product is designed to make drying and styling less stressful.

  • 87% of women reported that

    Speed of LightTM Blow Dry Accelerator

    Spray cut their blow-drying time†

  • Reduces breakage from blow-drying


  • Instantly detangles and protects against

    thermal damage from blow-drying



    Shake well. Section clean, towel-dried hair into quadrants. Spray each section until saturated. Comb through. Other prep or styling products may be applied at this point. Blow-dry hair.

    *From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at**Learn about our wind energy purchases and offsets at

    †Immediately in a consumer sensory study with 106 panelists.
    ††Based on a repeat grooming study with a blow dryer vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone.


We are so thrilled to announce that starting next Monday, October 1st, Naviina is going to be adding a new service to our menu! Lash Lifts! 

If you are one of the many women with straight, unyielding lashes and have to use a lash curler daily to perk those peepers up then this is the service you’ve been waiting for! Were bringing the perm back ladies! And no, we don’t mean for 80’s rockstar hair, we mean for your tired lashes, ha! 

This service is completely safe, performed only by our highly trained aestheticians. During this treatment, a silicone rod is placed right along the lash line, your lashes are then adhered to this rod and a gentle perm solution is applied. When the timing is complete the solution is rinsed away and the rod is removed leaving you with perfectly curled lashes that will last through showers, swimming, and whatever else your day may bring. 

As an added bonus you also have the option of adding a tint along with your lash lift. Color + Curl = Lashtasticness.

A typical lash lift lasts from 6-10 weeks depending on how fast you shed your natural lashes. 

Call now to book an appointment with Kendra or Abby!



What to do if You’re Noticing More Hair in Your Brush

You may know the feeling all too well. You’re going about your daily hair care routine when suddenly, you notice there’s more hair in your brush than usual. Maybe you’ve noticed more strands gathering in your shower drain or coming out in your hand when you play with your hair. It’s normal to lose anywhere from 100 to 150 strands of hair per day, but if you’re seeing a more noticeable change, it’s time to take action.


Aveda Global Educator Bea Carmichael says not to panic. “The first thing everyone does is panic, but what everybody has to realize is that there are certain things that are quite natural,” she says. Here are her top tips for what to do ASAP if you’re noticing more hair in your brush.


Talk to your stylist. Aveda Artists like Bea are more than happy to talk about thinning hair and hair loss with you and work together to address your concerns, as well as tweak your current cut, color or style to adapt to your hair situation.


Style your hair to look fuller. “This is why it’s really important to talk to your hairdresser, as well,” Bea explains. For color, try a shade two shades lighter than your natural base to “bulk up the hair” and give it texture. As for your cut, try a short, blunt cut and skip adding too many layers. “Razor cuts and layers will make hair look thinner,” says Bea. 


Bea also recommends using products like Thickening Tonic and Volumizing Tonic, or using both with Phomollient for maximum volume and thickening. Your Aveda Artist can help you find the best product pairing for your hair concerns.


Be gentle with your hair. Don’t play rough, especially when your hair is wet. “When you come out of the shower, pat your hair dry and let the air remove the moisture instead of rubbing or putting it in a tight turban,” Bea says. “That puts stress on the hair, which is at its weakest when it’s wet.” Weak hair = breakage, which can equal more hair in your brush.


Start using Invati Advanced. “Invati Advanced has to be a way of life. I look at it like a lifestyle choice,” says Bea. Our three-step system should be used once a day, every day to exfoliate, strengthen, nourish and stimulate your hair. Keep the Scalp Revitalizer by your toothbrush so you don’t forget!


Invati Advanced reduces hair loss due to breakage from brushing by 53% after 12 weeks of use. That’s why we say Invati Advanced gives you fuller hair, not a fuller brush!


Hair thinning is common and you’re not alone. With these easy tweaks, you may notice that your hair looks and feels thicker and fuller — and who doesn’t love that?


Bring the 90’s Back to Your Beauty Routine

The ‘90s and its major style trends have been back in a big way for several years now — everything from platform sandals to plaid skirts to dark vampy lipsticks has come back into fashion, and we have that throwback decade to thank. While certain elements of ‘90s style will probably never be back in vogue again (at least not for a long time), you can still add a bit of ‘90s flavor to your look for fall.


We asked Aveda Global Artistic Team members Ian Michael Black and Janell Geason to share their favorite ways to bring the ‘90s back to your beauty look, whether it’s an update to your current hair color or go-to makeup look, and they delivered. Channel your inner grunge girl or Spice Girl without looking like you’re caught in a time warp — here’s how.


Be your own Ginger Spice. “For those who wish to brighten things up, one of the biggest trends is ginger hair color,” says Ian Michael Black, Global Artistic Director for Hair Color. He loves the many facets of the color, from soft pastel “stained” blondes to bright gold to a hint of ginger in your brunette base.


Another nod to the ‘90s that Ian loves? Add a flash of color through a section of hair. “In the ‘90s those big stripes were placed on the top of the head. Keep the inspiration but keep it up to date; work a strong flash through the under layers of your hair to give you your own signature statement piece.”


Update throwback trend shades. When it comes to your makeup routine, look to trendy shades of the past and give them a new life in a more modern way. Janell Geason, Global Artistic Director for Makeup, rocked her fair share of brown tones in the ‘90s, so she knows her way around the comeback shade. “The way to make a brown lip look more modern is to make it look matte and to keep the rest of the skin clean, glowy and healthy. Otherwise, it looks dated and your skin can look dead.” Her picks? Feed My Lips lipstick in the deep brown Cacao Bean and the taupe Bronzed Pecan.


“For a matte look, apply powder to your lips before your lipstick, then add a little on top too,” Janell recommends. You can also use lip liner all over your lips; she likes rich brown Chestnut and soft brown Loomi.


Blue eyeshadow and liner are another ‘90s trend Janell is ready to see make a comeback — with a more classic, elegant edge, of course. “Blue has a bad rep but it’s really cool,” she says. “Update the blue shadow look by doing it just as eyeliner to keep it looking sophisticated.”


If you’re feeling the late ‘90s vibes, you may be reaching for body glitter a la Britney Spears and other pop stars of the era. “Now, we use glitter on lips and upgrade it with an eco-friendly formula,” Janell says. (She and her team love the eco-chic biodegradable glitter brand Universal Soul.) It’s a little more elegant than the pop star look of the past, but you’ll still be the center of attention.

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