Fresh Hairstyles for 50+

Are you looking to update your hairstyle to a more modern version of what you have or would you like to completely step out of the box and try something new? Whichever you desire we have you covered. We have compiled a collection of our favorite looks for those middle-aged beauties that we know and love and the ones that we would love to know! Be daring and request one of these looks at your next appointment with us!



Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

This bestselling leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair and also protects it from heat damage, so if you lighten your hair or love to heat-style, it’s probably a good match for you. It’s 97% naturally-derived* and includes ingredients like quinoa, macadamia and soy. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly strengthens and repairs hair to make it look and feel healthier.


Where does Daily Hair Repair fit into your hair care routine, and who is it best for? We’ll show you exactly how to use it for the best results.


When to use:
Use it right out of the shower on towel-dried hair. Daily Hair Repair works best if you use it before your styling products. We like to apply it before combing wet hair to provide some protection from breakage.


How to use:
Apply a small amount to the palm of your hands and work it through hair, starting at the ends where your hair needs the product most. The hair closest to your scalp tends to be the healthiest and the ends the most damaged, but if you feel you need care all the way through your hair, feel free to run it through from scalp to tip.


After using:
Once you’ve applied the leave-in to your hair, style as usual. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair pairs well with many of our styling products since it’s a leave-in treatment. Think of it like a prep product in that it’s preparing your hair for styling.


Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is good for all hair types, but especially those who are experiencing damage. If you’re in love with your blowdryer, this is a great product for you! Add it to your hair care routine today for an instant dose of health and strength.

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Easy Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine for Spring & Summer

Warmer weather is here and that means that for the best skin and hair, it’s time to shake up your beauty routine. Luckily, we’ve got the products (and the experts) to help you make the most of spring and summer. Aveda Makeup Pure-Fessional Anne Skubis can show you how to glow and look gorgeous all spring and summer long.


First up: skin care! Anne’s number one product pick is, of course, Daily Light Guard SPF 30. (She lives in Arizona, so SPF is always a priority.) Daily Light Guard is a lightweight, blendable, 100% mineral-derived sunscreen AND a plant-derived pollution defense, suitable for all skin types. It keeps your skin protected from UVA/UVB rays, and Anne also thinks it makes a great makeup primer!

Image result for botanical kinetics soft creme
Cleaning out your beauty cabinet and swapping winter products for summer ones doesn’t need to be a chore — have fun with it! “In winter, when the heat is on full blast, I grab the Tulasāra Renew Morning Crème to make up for any moisture deficiency I experience,” Anne says. Once the heat is off, she reaches for Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème, a plant-powered crème that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. “I love using the Botanical Kinetics All-Sensitive Cleanser year-round, but when the seasons change and my allergies act up, I find that I need it even more.” To treat your skin, try Tulasāra Calm Concentrate. Its springy aroma of oman chamomile, clary sage and neroli will get you in the right seasonal headspace.

Image result for aveda feed lipIf you only purchase one beauty product for spring and summer, Anne recommends a lip liner and lipstick pairing. “When spring comes, we often change our hair color, even if subtly. With a change in hair color comes the opportunity to change up makeup and try something different,” she says. “I like to wear deep crimson reds like Feed My Lips lipstick in Chili in fall and winter and change to bright apple reds in the spring and summer — I like Jujube and Cana. I do the same with the eye shadow colors, switching from deep jewel tones like the Plum Mist trio to bright, fresh colors like Aqua Pearl and Earth Rose.”


Give in to the temptation to go a little lighter and brighter with nature-inspired rose pink and orange tones that mimic the colors of a summertime sunset. If pink is your favorite color, try Feed My Lips lipstick in juicy Guava or Prickly Pear. They look gorgeous with a summer glow and even better with an iced tea or a glass of rosé. Just saying.


Welcome Laura!

Laura just joined us after not only receiving her cosmetology license at 17 years old, she also went on to obtain her master barbers license  with high honors at the age of 18! She is such a go getter and we are thrilled to have her join the Naviina family. Please make Laura feel welcome by booking an appointment with her and you will be gifted 20% off of your services with her from now until May 24th! 207-251-4688



Burn off Haircolor!?

If you have colored hair this post is for you! Did you know that not only can over washing and using subpar hair products strip color from your hair but your hot tools can as well???  Using a hair dryer, curling, or flat iron at too high a setting is a big no-no for preserving the longevity of your color as well as maintaining the integrity of your hair. Please watch the video from celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang and Noora for details. And turn down those hot tools!!


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Thank You… Love, the Earth


Everyone at Naviina, along with Aveda and The Natural Resources Council of Maine,  would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that gave so generously in support of our Earth Month Campaign for clean water! In total we raised $1257.00! So awesome and so much appreciated! 


Here is a list of the lucky and well deserving raffle winners! 


Demi Glaze & Cut with Kristin: Christine Caterino

90 Minute Massage with Sarah: Mark Gallup

Retouch & Cut with Amy Z.: Cheryl Accardi

Spa Pedicure with Michelle: Linda Rakiey

Full Foil & Cut with Amy S.: Beth Sandmire

Partial Foil, Glaze & Cut with Shawna: Patty Dumont

Partial Foil, Glaze & Cut with Kaylin: Mary Gelfand

90 Minute Massage with Jen: Rick Bond

Face Frame Foil, Glaze & Cut with Janeen: Shannon Garvey

Image Facial with Kendra: Beth Abriles

Full Foil & Cut with Cassie: Linda Rhoda

Congrats Everyone, we can’t wait to see you for your appointments!


Cheers to 8 Years!

Today is a great day! We are celebrating 8 years at Naviina and we are moving into our 9th Summer season! It also happens to be National Hairstylist Appreciation Day! So if you haven’t thanked your favorite stylist for all they do for you, today would be the perfect day! Three cheers for 8 wonderful years!!!

Thin Hair? Read, Watch, and Learn.

We have many clients with fine, thin hair and we have many products to help! The newly formulated Invati line is perfect for those with noticeably thinning hair, or if they want to jumpstart growth and add fullness, with its exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner, and invigorating scalp revitalizer. Aveda’s Thickening Tonic is one of our best sellers! It actually thickens and expands each strand of hair when used before styling for weightless volume. We also can’t forget Aveda’s Pure Abundance line, with ingredients like kaolin clay and acacia gum to plump and boost volume everyday. 

Light the Way with Vetiver

You’ve probably smelled vetiver at some point in your life and not even known it. The woody aroma, which comes from a tall, hardy grass grown from India to Haiti, is a popular ingredient in perfumery. Some fragrances heavily feature vetiver, especially colognes, and others use the ingredient as a “fixative” to help the scent last longer. At Aveda, we use vetiver in products like Tulasāra Firm Concentrate, Chakra Body Mist #1, and the Aveda Men line.


“It’s quite complex, rich and deep, but it has an interesting twist to it because it has a bit of sparkly grapefruit,” says Associate Pure-Fumer Kate Rosso, who works in Aveda’s Aroma Lab onsite at our HQ in Minnesota. “It’s a grass, but it’s the roots that are distilled for perfumery. The roots are really deep, and because of that, it’s a pretty hardy plant and it can survive in either dry or wet soil. It also helps prevent soil erosion.”



Vetiver is the new star ingredient in our limited-edition 2018 Light the Way candle. The Light the Way candle has become an Aveda Earth Month tradition, with 100% of the suggested purchase price of the candle going to Global Greengrants to fund clean water projects around the world. The vetiver aroma does more than just scent your home with rich, woody aroma, though.


We’ve been working with the people of Haiti to harvest our vetiver for years, but on
October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the island, killing over 1,000 people​ and devastating the region. The vetiver farmers lost a majority of their crops, along with their animals and homes. Working with Global Greengrants, we immediately sent $10,000 from Light the Way candle sales to Heifer International to help fund a generator for one of the large water bottling plants in the affected area. In addition, $5,000 was also provided to the Lambi Fund to provide more clean drinking water and infrastructure repair for those in most need in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.



The Light the Way candle proceeds have also helped Haiti rebuild. Working together with Aquatic Resources Conservation Group (ARC), we’re helping to construct three sustainably built homes in the community of Favette, with bathrooms, solar stoves and solar lighting.


The Favette Vetiver Depot and Community Center is also being built in partnership with Heifer International and International Flavor and Fragrance, one of our top aroma distributors. The center will be earthquake, tornado and flood-resistant, and will include a water catchment system to provide water for the community, plus offices, bathrooms and more, giving the people of Favette a place to gather.


In total, you’ve helped us give a grand total of $170,000 in grants for Haiti since 2010 — pretty amazing, right? Every time you light your new Earth Month candle, enjoy the vetiver aroma and think of the good work you’re helping us carry out in a very special place.

We have just a few candles left at Naviina for purchase, stop by to get yours! Only $14.00!



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Beach Clean Up Day!

Our beach cleanup day is tomorrow and we are so eager to get to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm to help clean for Earth Month this year! If you would like to join us, we are meeting at Laudholm Farm at 2:30!

We have had so many generous donations so far to reach our goal of over $2100.00 for this years Earth Month Fund to benefit the Natural Resources Council of Maine but we still need your help! There are two ways in which you can donate; online or in salon. If you come into the salon you have the added benefit of being able to enter to win one of 12 unique raffle prizes generously donated by our Naviina family members. We have everything from manicures to full foils and everything in between! All it takes is a minimum of $5.00 and you get to choose which raffle (or raffles!) you would like to enter your name into. Tickets are $5.00 for one entry, $15 for 5 entries and $40 for 15 entries. Another option is for $20 you receive one entry and Aveda’s limited edition Light the Way Candle, $14.00 of which goes to the Global Greengrants Fund. You still have until the end of the month to donate and enter, drop in when you’re close by!

To donate online, click HERE!