10 Reason to Try Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair


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Let’s be honest: we’ve all got bad hair habits. Everyone’s a little bit guilty of mistreating their hair, whether it’s with regular highlights, frequent heat styling, or even the climate you live in. Getting your hair back in shape can take serious work, which is why we love our bestselling Damage Remedy hair care system; its compassionate care for your damaged hair leaves it soft and strong. One of our favorite products from the lineup is Daily Hair Repair, a leave-in treatment that instantly repairs and protects from heat styling.


We’re not alone in our love for the product, either. It’s one of the bestselling products on Aveda.com, and with a 4.8 star rating from guest reviews, it’s definitely got its fair share of fans. If you’ve never tried it before, let us convince you to make it a part of your styling routine today.


1. It’s easy to use. Just shake the tube gently before squeezing, then apply a small amount to your hair and work it through. We like to use it on damp hair after washing and conditioning, but you can use it however it works best for you.

2. It detangles! It gives your hair some TLC and makes it easier to brush through when it’s wet.

3. It protects your hair from breakage and damage due to heat styling temps of up to 450 degrees. We’ve all reached for the curling iron or flat iron one time too many, so if you’re addicted to heat styling, this is the product for you.

4. It smells great. Daily Hair Repair’s aroma is a blend of certified organic bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences. (It doesn’t smell like a medicinal hair treatment at all.)

5. Daily Hair Repair is 97% naturally-derived* and strengthens your hair. Did you know it contains quinoa protein? (*from plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. Learn more at Aveda.com.)

6. It provides INSTANT repair. Your hair will feel healthier upon first use. No, it’s not magic, we promise.

7. If you’re trying to grow out your hair, Daily Hair Repair should be your secret weapon. Your hair will feel stronger and grow longer as you use it because it helps prevent breakage!

8. It’s an Aveda Artist favorite. We always see Daily Hair Repair behind the scenes at photoshoots and Fashion Week, because it infuses the hair with softness and heat protection before styling. Beautiful hair starts with care, after all.

9. It’s part of the Damage Remedy family, one of our bestselling (and most beloved) lines. Fight the four types of damage — heat, environmental, chemical, and physical — with Damage Remedy.

10. Aveda fans LOVE it! “This really works!” says Aveda.com user JLM76. “I can’t imagine replacing it for anything in the world,” says user Ruv. “[It’s my] third time purchasing, I love this product!” says reviewer Rach. Clearly, it’s a fan favorite, and we have a feeling you’ll love it too.

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March Specials

How to Care for Your Little Girls Hair

Yes, they are sugar and spice and everything nice, but for those of us with little girls, it can be a constant struggle to keep their hair tangle free and looking nice. Here are some tips for taming their tresses and some easy styling ideas.

  1. Style their hair everyday. The more you do their hair, the more they will come to expect it and the less of a fight you will have over time. They may even start asking for extras like braids eventually.
  2. Always start by detangling first with a brush or comb. Start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp when detangling, and start with the hair at the nape of the neck and move up to the forehead. If you try to do ponies with bed head there will be trouble, and it will be harder to comb out at the end of the day.
  3. Make sure you are brushing or combing out her hair at least twice a day. Morning and night for a normal day, more often if they go swimming or do anything to make a major tangled mess.
  4. Use a leave in conditioning spray either along with or instead of a daily conditioner (if their hair is fine only use one or the other). They not only add extra moisture but are great for detangling.
  5. Style their hair when its wet. Either right when they get out of the tub or spray in water the next day, it will looked slicked back at first but when it dries it will soften and keep the flyaways at bay. 
  6. Avoid bangs, sure they may look cute at first, but toddlers especially will constantly have their hands in them leaving them full of who know what and looking disheveled. Not to mention the constant trims she will need. Do yourself a favor and just don’t go there, at all. Use small clips or headbands to keep the whispys out of her eyes as her baby hair grows out instead. 
  7. Use the cheap little throw away elastics for fine hair. If you try using a coated elastic on your wee ones hair it will just constantly slip out. At the end of the day you can just snip the elastic with a small pair of scissors to remove it, pull a piece out to avoid cutting her hair along with it.
  8. Watch tutorials, if you want to try something new there are tutorials on you tube for literally every hairstyle out there. 
  9. Practice, practice, practice. You will getter better and faster the more you try. If you have free time on the weekend spend 30 minutes (or longer if they will let you) on practicing hairdos, look a pictures and videos together and try to recreate the styles. 
  10. Use the right tools; a wide tooth comb, wet brush, tail comb, boar bristle brush and a spray bottle are great to have in your arsenal.
  11. Make it fun by including them in the process! Ask them if they have any ideas or let them pick out accessories the next time you are shopping together. The more control they think they have the easier you’ll find it is.




We Do a Lot More Than Just Hair

Once in a while clients will come in and are surprised to find out all that we have to offer other than our great hair salon services. Let me enlighten you in case you are in the dark as well!

We are a full service day spa as well as a salon. That means that you can not only get your hair done, you can literally spend hours here getting pampered from head to toe! For your nails we offer a wide variety of    services from express manicures, to shellac, to spa pedicures. We also have three amazing massage therapists that can soothe your aching muscles with Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, or pre-natal massage. Don’t let me forget about our couples massage, complete with champagne (or other beverage of choice if you’d prefer something else) and chocolate covered strawberries. 

Now let me introduce you to Kendra, she is our aesthetician extraordinaire and can take your skin from sallow to stunning with both Aveda facials and treatments and also from Image Skincare’s pharmaceutical grade peels and treatments. She is also multi-certified in Xtreme Eyelash Lash extensions, which are semi permanent extensions for your eyelashes, think no mascara or falsies ever again! We offer full body waxing as well. Call now to schedule a day of pampering with us, you will not leave disappointed!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Aveda


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You see Aveda in your shower every day. You keep Hand Relief on your desk at work. You visit with your Aveda artist several times a year at your cut or color appointments. We’re part of your life, and we like it that way!

However, there are probably a few things you DIDN’T know about your favorite brand (that’d be us), so we’re sharing five of our favorite facts with you.


1. Our HQ is located in Minnesota, just a few miles from Minneapolis. How’d we end up here? Our founder, Horst Rechelbacher, was in a car accident while visiting Minneapolis and decided to settle here. He was a hairdresser and set up a salon here and the rest is history! Aveda was officially founded in 1978.

2. The first Aveda product ever created was Clove shampoo. Legend has it that it was created in a sink OR a bathtub. Either way, we still love this iconic favorite.

3. We’ve been cruelty-free since our founding in 1978. We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf. Our products are “people-tested.” Being a cruelty-free brand is an important part of our mission to care for the world we live in and for those we live with.

4. The bestselling products on Aveda.com are Shampure shampoo (a classic!) and Be Curly Curl Enhancer.

5. We were the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer PET in our packaging in 2002.


And two bonus facts, just for fun:


We have 50,000 Aveda Artists working worldwide, and we’re always amazed and inspired by their creativity and talent.


The Aveda Mission guides us in everything we do – it informs every decision we make, from product packaging to the fact that we compost everything from our onsite cafeteria, Organica. It’s also one of the things our employees are the most proud of.

Article from: https://www.aveda.com/living-aveda-article-5-things

Après-ski Hair Tips

Related imageIt is ski season, and that means heading to the slopes to shred some fresh pow! Unfortunately it also means that when you are ready to break for Après-ski, you may end up looking like a hot mess once your helmet, goggles and whatever else you have on your head. Here are a few tips to keep you looking fresh while you refresh from a day at the mountains. 

♦ Condition is key not only for the slopes but for your hair as well. Especially during the cold months, keeping your hair in optimum shape is best. Use a weekly conditioning treatment, such as Aveda’s dry remedy™ moisturizing masque .

♦ Dry Shampoo is your friend. A quick puff of Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo from your ski bag can bring limp locks back to life, keep some in your ski bag!

♦ Play up the texture. If you are one to leave your hair down you are all too familiar with the piecy, messy look you get, especially if it is snowing out. After you hit the slopes do a quick brush out and play it up even more with Aveda’s Texture Tonic, a few sprits and a quick scrunch will leave you looking like you meant for it to happen that way!

♦ Braid it. Hours on the slopes can breed, angry, snarled hair. Put it in a braid (or two) if you have the length and when you’re done for the day undo and give a shake for some fun texture. 

♦ Buns are cool too. A low bun is also great for keeping your hair out of your face and the elements.

♦ If all else fails, throw on your favorite beanie!

Feed Your Lips

Another recent exciting launch is Aveda’s new Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-mint™ Lipstick. This line consists of 23 beautiful shades designed to complement unique hair color, skin tone and undertones. 

♥  Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-Mint™ Lipstick delivers long-wearing color that stays true for 8 hours and does not feather. 

♥ The lipstick is housed in a sleek, metallic case with 40% post-consumer recycled aluminum, and the cardboard carton is 90% post-consumer fiber.

♥ Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-Mint™ Lipstick goes above and beyond to soften and smooth lips. Certifed organic cupuaçu fruit butter helps nourish and soften lips and a blend of seed oils, including certifed organic kukui, jojoba and sun flower, helps smooth lips while the formula provides rich color, full of depth and dimension.



Introducing Aveda’s new Demi+ Hair Color!


Incredible Shine ♥

Ammonia Free ♥

Maximum Processing Time: 20 minutes ♥

Improves Hairs Condition ♥

Aveda just launched it’s newest hair color line, Demi+™ and we are in love! This line is so versatile and has processing times ranging between 5 minutes (for a quick tonal change) to 20 minutes (for grey blending). It is perfect for everyone, including those that are shy of color and don’t want the commitment of a permanent change (lasting up to 24 washes). It is completely ammonia free and actually improves the condition of your hair with  a conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils, kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba.



February Specials

 February Specials

The following specials are available February 10th through February 17th
Couples Massage $170 ($200 value)
Enjoy a 60 minute massage with the one you adore. Includes Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries.*

*A sparkling beverage will be provided to those under 21 years of age.

Shellac Manicure $30 ($35 value)
Pamper your phalanges with a long lasting shellac manicure with Michelle or Janeen.*

*Offer valid with Michelle and Janeen only.

Organic Facial $100 ($125 value)
Utilizing Image’s Ormedic Skin Care line, an infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rebalance tired, stressed and dull looking skin. With highly potent anti-oxidants and no chemicals, acids or parabens, this facial is perfect for all skin types. This non-chemical peel of Papaya, Pineapple, Pumpkin and Mango are blended together to help naturally rebalance, regenerate, restore and soothe your skin with organic ingredients. This treatment is highly recommended for all skin types, sensitive, dehydrated and irritated skin and safe for pregnant women.

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